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Uses For Colloidal Silver

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Silver has become popular as an alternative to antibiotics, but a question many have asked is what colloidal silver is used for.

It has been established and proven multiple times that a healthy immune system is the best way to prevent disease from occurring in the first place. When we lead a healthy lifestyle that promotes and supports a healthy immune system, our chances of getting sick decrease significantly. Sounds good right?

Regular use of colloidal silver – support of the immune system

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There are many uses for silver, but some believe its most important use is in its ability to support the immune system. Because some silver products have been shown to kill a variety of pathogens when used regularly to prevent bacterial growth, a healthy immune system can thrive because it’s not working overtime to fight off what’s entered your body. When your immune system isn’t stressed and overworked, it can focus on keeping you healthy, happy, and most importantly, disease-free!

Of course, there are other factors to consider when promoting a healthy immune system, most notably diet and exercise, but when supported by regular silver intake, you can be on the road to a healthier you.

Uses for Colloidal Silver – when the disease strikes

In the event that your body has attracted some disease or ailment, silver can be very useful. Some colloidal silver products have been shown to be effective against some of the following common ailments:

cold sores


Eye infection

Food poisoning/upset stomach

Fungal Infections

Sinus infection

Sore throat

urinary tract infection

*Vaginal yeast infection

Uses for Colloidal Silver – Other Ailments

The use of silver is not only limited to the treatment of diseases but also other ailments. Some of the more effective uses of silver products are:


Cuts & Wounds

* Diaper and other skin rashes

Insect bites


*Water purification

Usage for Colloidal Silver – No Prescription Required

With the current economy and an estimated 43 million Americans living without health insurance, one benefit of using colloidal silver products for immune support, as well as its many other uses, is that it is available without a doctor’s visit or prescription.

Most reputable silver product that has existed independently testedare non-toxic and safe to use.

As with any health product, be it an alternative use such as the uses for silver or a medicine prescribed by a doctor your own research. No one will ever hold your health as high as you do.

Thanks to Sheri Angell

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