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What is Natural Living?

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Natural life has a beautiful ring to it. There are many organizations, businesses, websites, articles, and people that are interested in natural living or health in one way or another. There are also many ways to practice it.

  1. Nutrition: Consume it; To produce
  2. health: alternative medicine; Herbs; antioxidants; in natural form or supplements
  3. Environment: environmental awareness; Active participation; Recycling; reduce waste
  4. Energy Sources: Solar; wind
  5. lifestyle: family; consumer
  6. Share, write, work, film, talk.

There are many ways to look at natural life, depending on the level of involvement, involvement, and even creativity.

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The interesting thing is that today it is a fact of life because people are aware of it; there is a positive attitude towards nature and towards our relationship with it; it is an emotionally charged subject; there is fear of “nature’s revenge” if we continue as before.

At the same time we must accept that synthetic development (to coin a phrase) has brought material quality of life and is an economic consideration in our society.

Besides that, what do we mean by “natural” and “alive”?

  • Natural: “free from artificiality”; “in accordance with nature;” “relating to or pertaining to nature;” “functioning or occurring normally;” “existing in or produced by nature;” “not artificial or imitated”; “unprocessed or made with only simple or minimal processes;”
  • Life: “strive for a positive and satisfying existence;” “the experience of being alive;” “the course of human events and activities;” “condition to live or to be kept alive;” “inhabit or live in;” “to be residents of;” “live a certain kind of life;” “live in a certain style;” “in its natural state and location (not mined or mined);” “still there;”

Natural living would have to take these definitions into account, but above all fall under the umbrella of “harmony” and “balance”.

After all this, how does natural living sound with this definition?

“To live a positive and fulfilling life, in a style that respects and strives for harmony and balance with nature, ourselves and the future.”

Thanks to Philip Robinson

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