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Your Health Starts Here: Enrich Your Well Being – Eat Better Food

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All of this starts the moment you go shopping. Smart shopping is the beginning of better health. You cannot eat what you do not buy or take home with you. There you have your choice, it can be a lighter weight shopping basket or a low blood pressure shopping basket or an anti-arthritis shopping basket etc. These are our choices, everything has a beginning in life, like good health, bad health and how we manage it. Most of the time these are our own decisions. It is known through numerous researches that food can become our medicine and food our healer.

But there is another link to a healthy body – your mind, because mind is more important than matter. Right, your mind. It’s called the mind-body connection. In short, what you believe in your mind can affect things in your body. Fear can aggravate any disease or even be the starting point of it. Anxiety can make pain worse, weaken your defenses and immune system, which allows viruses or diseases to take root, and can help raise your blood pressure. A simple act of relaxation can do wonders for your health, which is all part of the mind-body connection.

combination of health and well-being

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Harnessing the power of positive thinking and relaxation techniques, including healthy eating, will surely help with any disease treatment. Today, due to the high levels of food shortages, it is more important than ever to make the right choices when it comes to your diet. Your body can only stay healthy if it gets all the nutrients it needs, and all of that comes from the foods we buy and prepare. But you can say: I take my vitamins every day. Which are completely useless if your diet isn’t right to begin with. The body’s health is responsive to many things, including all the minerals and vitamins that need to work together; one or two alone has no positive effect.

The many fast foods that have become a quick, lazy, and cheap way to eat are not giving the body what it needs to stay healthy. If you deprive your body of proper nutrition with good nutrients for a long time, it will undoubtedly become a serious health problem. A healthy body means eating a diet rich in minerals and vitamins every day and not just occasionally.

Medical research has discovered literally thousands of healing nutrients in food. A type of phytonutrient found in vegetables has been known to reduce cancer and other diseases by up to 44 percent. Many vegetables contain a substance called carotenoids; Also, beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene are all different types of carotenoids. They all have potent amounts of antioxidants that help the body fight disease.

Case histories of remarkable healing

Nature gives us its remarkable healing power. Unfortunately, in many cases this is ignored not only out of disbelief, but more often out of ignorance. There are always differing opinions, as well as disbelief and false information. Many people continue to suffer from misguided wrong advice over the last few decades, which continues to lead to ill health today. Some unscientific bureaucrats still have this backward stance that healthy eating might have the power to prevent a range of chronic diseases as well as obesity.

Although there is overwhelming scientific evidence that the exact opposite is true. It depends what you eat; You can trace any disease or ailment to a mineral or vitamin deficiency. Even at the lowest levels, deficiencies in various nutrients alter your body’s immunity and blood levels. The problem with this is that it has become more difficult to select a nutrient-dense diet. The quality of our vegetables and fruit has decreased by an average of 40 to 50 percent since the 1970s due to the exploitation of the soil and the use of artificial fertilizers.

The healing powers are in various vitamins and minerals such as zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium; These are just a few of the many that our bodies need every day, not just sometimes. Use supplements to fill deficiencies and choose carefully as many are made from synthetic rather than natural ingredients.

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