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Your Kids Can’t Hide The Liquid Multivitamins

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As parents, we quickly realize that our children do not want to do what is good for them. To be honest, we’re not very different in this regard, but at least we can understand the long-term benefits. Healthy nutrition and vitamin intake are not a high priority in childhood. But for us as parents, it’s a high priority. And I’m sure I’m not the only mother who feels her kids aren’t getting the full nutrition they need from what they’re eating. Despite all the vitamin-fortified cereals and other kid-friendly foods, I still worry it’s not enough.

While searching the internet for a good alternative for my kids, I came across a story about a mother cleaning out her son’s room and finding a large lump of gummy vitamins under his bed. Apparently he had put the vitamin in his mouth after his mother gave it to him and then tucked it under his bed to form a sort of vitamin mountain.

This reminded me of a story my sister-in-law told me about being on a daily supplement as a child. She would pretend to take it every day, but in fact she threw her pill behind the fridge. Her mother never found out until they moved and took the fridge with them. When they unrolled the device, all the pills that had not been swallowed were there. Oh the frustration of trying to do what’s right for your kids!

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If any of this sounds familiar to you, I suggest trying it liquid multivitamins. You can mix them with your child’s morning drink (maybe they wouldn’t even need to know they’re taking vitamins). Additionally, some liquid multivitamins promise a better absorption rate than pills or capsules. And that, after all, is what we strive for as parents: to get the vitamins and minerals into their little bodies and help them grow.

Thanks to Julie S. Montgomery

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