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3 Major Differences Between Organic and Herbal Medicines

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Ayurveda has always been known for its beneficial effects on various health problems and conditions. From ugly pimple scars to severe constipation, there are hundreds of health problems small to large that can be treated with herbal medicines. The most important benefit of Ayurveda is that it extracts the problems from their roots and even if you stop consuming the herbal pills, the problems will not return for a long time.

Lately people have been mixing two different terms and using them as one – organic medicines and herbal medicines; However, there is a major difference between the two terms. Let’s see the three main characteristics of these two terms that represent their differences:

  1. growth of herbs – The manufacturers or suppliers grow their own herbs for organic medicines. On the other hand, the herbs for herbal medicines are found or discovered in forests or places where they grow naturally.
  2. Pay attention to the ingredients – When it comes to the concept of “biological” cures for various health-related problems; Herbs are grown with proper care. Many precautions are taken to ensure that the best natural ingredients are developed in the most effective and natural way. Speaking of herbal remedies, no special or extra care is taken as the herbs are sourced from forests and not planted by the manufacturers.
  3. use of chemicals – The concept of bio-medicines is against the use of chemicals. For example, if lavender oil is required for a specific medicine, the flowers are grown without the use of chemicals. On the other hand, when some fruits or leaves are used for herbal medicines, they are developed and protected with the help of fertilizers or pesticides.
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It doesn’t matter if you plan to use herbal remedies or organic remedies for your problems; all that matters is that you consult an appropriate doctor before beginning any treatment. Although most naturally produced medications have no side effects, there is a chance that you are allergic to some wild herbs. Therefore, consulting a doctor is always the best suggestion.

Most countries sell naturally manufactured medicines without a prescription; This can be quite dangerous as some of the wild herbs or spices can be toxic or have negative effects on those already found on other regular allopathic medicines. For example, if someone takes blood pressure pills regularly, they may need to consult a good doctor before starting any natural medicine.

Thanks to Bhairavi Sharma

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