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3 Pillars of Weight Loss

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If you are not happy with your weight loss or are not getting satisfactory results from whatever you are doing to reduce your weight, you need to understand the three pillars associated with the concept of weight gain and weight loss. Many people only focus on one or two areas and don’t really understand or integrate the other into their strategy. I believe that understanding these three basic and foundational pillars will definitely help put the bigger picture of weight loss in your mind and thus ultimately help you achieve your goals much sooner.

The first pillar is “nutrition”. What and how you eat undoubtedly has the biggest and most lasting impact on your weight. Nutritionists spend a lot of time creating personalized meal plans that include the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, and protein your body needs to meet your weight loss goals. While it’s pretty hard to stick to such a strict diet, it definitely pays off in the long run. Nutrition should be thought of as the fuel your body needs to reach your goal, whether it’s weight gain or weight loss.

However, diet alone cannot give you the results you want. It should always be combined with a reasonable and right amount of “exercise” – this is the second pillar of weight loss. Many people misinterpret exercise as spending big bucks on gym memberships and hiring personal trainers. This is not required. As long as you know the right amount of fat to burn and commit to the pace at which you want to reduce fat, it really is a matter of time and patience. Various studies show that the best training results can only be observed over a certain period of time and not overnight. Even if you don’t sweat a gallon, if you follow your exercise plan consistently, you will see the difference that will make you happy.

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Diet and exercise can both get out of balance if you don’t incorporate the third pillar of weight loss into your mission: commitment. Commitment is all about your desire and willpower to achieve your goals. You may have the perfect meal plan in terms of carbohydrate and protein intake and you may have the most expensive gym membership in your suburb, but if you don’t commit to making it happen, your mission will soon become your dream . In fact, that’s easier said than done, but with a little dedication, you can even add one cheat day per week to your calendar to give yourself a little indulgence in your mission.

Thanks to Muhammad F Mazher

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