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7 Quick Tips For Managing Diet And Health

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It’s no secret that there is a direct link between diet and health. Your body not only runs on the fuel you give it, your body is in large part the fuel you give it. But these facts don’t make it any easier to eat well and maintain a healthy weight, as evidenced by the US’s $64 billion weight loss industry.

Here are 7 simple tips for managing your diet and overall health:

#1 Set sensible goals

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You cannot climb Mt. Everest on your first day of hiking. So set an achievable goal and give yourself a big high-five when you reach it. Then align your websites to the next reasonable target.

Fit-Bit: Be realistic in your goals.

#2 Record and review your progress

Keep track of what you eat (there’s more than one app for that) and your fitness routine (more apps). Knowing that you log what you eat makes you more likely to lose weight, while seeing these fitness charts and sharing them on your favorite social networks is a great boost.

Fit-Bit: Track it.

#3 Make your pantry healthy

If you are what you eat, then you are actually what’s in your pantry. So don’t store junk food at home. If your family members or roommates want stuff like this, ask them to keep it off the site. When you’re hungry and there’s only healthy food, that’s what you eat. And on the flip side, take healthy snacks with you, so the “healthy pantry” goes everywhere.

Fit-Bit: Keep the junk out and the healthy close at hand.

#4 Start with a lot of protein every day

If you eat a high-protein breakfast with balanced nutrients, you’re less likely to overeat the rest of the day because you’ll feel less hungry.

Fit-Bit: Start your day high in protein.

#5 Start your diet and exercise routine at the same time

That little voice in your head will tell you not to take on too many things at once. However, there is evidence that starting a healthy diet and a new exercise program will actually work in your favor over the long term as the two reinforce each other.

Fit-Bit: Eat right AND exercise together from day one.

#6 Complement your hard work? Garcinia cambogia

Much has been said about garcinia cambogia extract as a weight loss tool. Some studies seem to suggest it can help shed pounds, while others aren’t so sure. While garcinia cambogia is not a weight loss miracle drug on its own, it can help improve your diet and exercise efforts. Try a money back guarantee, it’s worth a try.

Fit-Bit: Increase Weight Loss With Garcinia Cambogia.

#7 Make it sustainable

Your friend tells you how her new diet and swim routine has worked wonders, she’s lost 15 pounds in the last few months! Sounds great, but if you hate swimming, it’s not your health ticket. Find a workout you enjoy so you stick with it for the long haul.

Fit-Bit: Do what works for you in the long term.

Thanks to Chris Taylor

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