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A permanent registration is valid for the calendar year in which it was registered. The registration shall be renewed by the practitioner before the 31st December for the following calendar year. A practitioner must accumulate a minimum of 10credit CPD points and a maximum of 12 CPD credit points per year for the renewal of the AHPC professional license.

Credits points for CPDs

Criteria for the award of CPD credit points for the annual renewal of professional licenses with AHPC:
Professional Congress                                                                       – 5 credit points
Regional Congress                                                                              – 3 credit points
Workshops and Seminars (2hrs-4hrs)                                            – 1 credit points
Day’s Workshops/ Seminars (5hrs-8hrs)                                        – 2 credit points
Professional World Congress                                                            – 6 credit points
Any other personal recognized development programmes     – 1 credit point




A person may apply to the Registrar for permanent registration after practicing for one year with provisional registration and after successfully completing internship. An applicant may be required to pass a re-registration examination if considered expedient.




A person shall qualify to undertake the internship programme after
•    Satisfying all academic requirement in an accredited training institution recognised by Council
•    Provisionally registered
•    Inducted by the Council
It is important to note that the internship programme runs concurrently with the National Service. The programme is organised in collaboration with the National Service Secretariat. During the internship programme, a team from the Council carry out periodic Monitoring to assess the performance of each intern.

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