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Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC Ghana) Registration and Renewal Information

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All allied health professionals and other allied health-care providers must be registered to practice in Ghana by the council. The AHPC Ghana registration is valid for one (1) year and renewable.

Qualification for AHPC Ghana registration

  • Applicant must Holds a degree in an allied health programme; or
  • Has an equivalent qualification recognised by the Board; or
  • Provides evidence of completion of an internship programme undertaken in an accredited allied health facility after academic training;
  • Has passed the professional qualifying examination or other relevant qualifying modes; and
  • Satisfies any other requirement determined by the Board.

Types of Registration

Temporary Registration

A temporary registration is valid for a period of not more than three months and is renewable yearly for a period of not more than three years.

A practitioners on a temporary register shall only practice in an approved hospital or institution.

Provisional Registration

A provisional registration is valid for a period of one year. 
A person registered provisionally shall have obtained the requisite qualification and satisfied the other conditions determined by the Board.
A person registered provisionally shall practice only in a hospital or an institution approved by the Board. 

Permanent Registration

A person may apply to the Registrar for permanent registration after practicing for one year with provisional registration and after successfully completing internship.
The Registrar shall be satisfied that the applicant holds valid certificates and qualification and has met other conditions determined by the Board, and if satisfied, issues a permanent registration certificate to commence practice as an allied health professional to the person.

The Board may request a practitioner to pass a pre-registration examination if considered expedient.

A permanent registration is valid for the calendar year in which it was registered. 
The AHPC Ghana registration shall be renewed by the practitioner before the 31st December for the following calendar year.

AHPC Ghana registration of foreign trained practitioners

1. A foreign trained practitioner who renders service only for the staff of a foreign embassy or diplomatic missions is exempt from registration.

2. A foreign trained person must have obtained a primary qualification acceptable to the Board,

    (a) Must have Passed or is exempted from the prescribed examination, and 

    (b)Has a good working knowledge of the English language.

3. A foreign trained person whose qualification is not acceptable to the Board shall undergo an approved course of training in a specified approved training institution and shall pass the prescribed examination before being registered by the Board.

Suspension of registration 

The Board may suspend the registration of a practitioner where 
(a)    An offence or allegation of professional misconduct in relation to the practitioner is being investigated;
(b)    False declaration has been made in an application for registration by the professional; or 
(c)    The practitioner has contravened a provision of the Council.

Cancellation of registration

The Board shall cancel the registration of a practitioner on the recommendation of the disciplinary committee of the Council where the practitioner
(a)    Is convicted of an offence under the regulation;
(b)    Has lost the qualification on the basis of which the registration was made;
(c)    Is sentenced to a term of imprisonment for a criminal offence; or
(d)    Fails to comply with the penalty imposed by the Council after due process

Removal and restoration of names from the register

1. The Registrar shall on the directive of the Board remove from the register the name of a practitioner
(a)    Who is dead
(b)    Whose registration has been cancelled; or 
(c)    Who has been found guilty of misconduct prescribed in regulations

2. The name of a practitioner may be restored to the register by the Registrar as directed by the Board.

Notice of change of name or address

A registered practitioner shall notify the Registrar of a change in name or address within thirty days of the change.

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