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Are Smoothies Low Calorie?

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In recent months my body is obese and needs weight loss for good health. Joining a gym has helped and since joining, 8 kilograms of weight have disappeared. But it’s about more than movement. To begin with, my diet was adjusted and sugar and salt are now excluded as much as possible. However, waking up to cereals was positive, as oatmeal, which was eaten for breakfast each morning, was partly to blame for the problem.

When this was recognized, my move to something better was immediately possible. About two years ago my sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and to help her with feeding 2 Magic Mix machines were bought and one gifted to her. The other sat unused in my closet until the grains became a no-go.

Something inside me told me to get it out and use it. This was in addition to reading an article by a nutritionist informing that breakfast is an unnecessary meal and that we should relax the stomach by avoiding it.

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This advice doesn’t sit well with me. My body craves food of some kind in the morning or yells at me. A visit to the supermarket helped solve the problem.

When thinking of smoothies as an alternative to oatmeal, the basic ingredient should be yoghurt. There was one in the refrigerated section with extra protein. Using a heaping tablespoon cup to start and adding fruit and a stick of celery is now my answer to that.

Included in the fruit selection are berries; bananas; passion fruit; apples; Kiwi; Grapes; and pears. They’re not all added to every smoothie, as four or five will do. A little almond milk is added to this mixture to make it whip better.

The taste is divine and the energy it gives me lasts until lunchtime when I eat my main meal now. Overall, the change in diet has helped me and my body is doing much better alongside the training in the gym.

As a spiritual person connected to the Universal Spirit, my trust in God is so great that when I hear an inner voice speaking to me, I act on it. This voice told me one day to go to the gym because I need exercise. Now it’s being asked to help me lose more weight because fat in the organs is a precursor to cancer and it’s not welcome in anyone’s life.

Based on the weight loss in about eight months, it’s clear to me that smoothies are low in calories and a healthy alternative to grains.

Thanks to Norma Holt

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