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Ayurvedic Approach for a Healthy Heart

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We live in the 21st century and if we say that today the pace of life has gained momentum and life has become very demanding, then that is not wrong. Today, life in developed countries and especially in big cities has become a challenge that has to be faced on a daily basis. No one can deny the fact that our lives have become very chaotic these days and our bodies are subjected to various physical and mental tensions and emotional stresses on a daily basis. Well, Ayurveda, which is considered a science based on ancient Indian philosophy, states that factors such as high blood pressure, emotional stress or mental fatigue directly affect your heart’s health. According to Ayurveda, the heart is a vital organ that contains the spirit of all body tissues and further contributes to maintaining and promoting a healthy life.

According to Ayurveda, the body is governed by three doshas called Vata, Pitta and Kapha and our heart health is also managed by three sub-Doshas commonly known as Vyana Vata (blood flow and beat), Sadhaka Pitta (emotional balance) and Avalambaka Kapha (feeling of security) and Vyana Vata (blood circulation and heartbeat). A healthy heart leads to a healthy mind and therefore extreme emotional anxiety can be very damaging. If we look at the current scenario today, heart disease is very common and affects most people around the world. According to some recent medical surveys, heart disease has become a major health concern for many people. In addition, according to Ayurveda, some of the other main reasons for heart disease are improper diet, anxiety, and lifestyle.

Well, the most important point to note is the highly scientific approach of modern medicine, which in effect avoids the original origin of heart disease, but Ayurveda actually aims to hit the fundamental source of the disease. In addition, it is easy to understand that valid treatment of diseases is only possible if we adopt a holistic approach, as followed in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, a holistic approach to the heart can help overcome many heart problems. Ayurvedic healing encompasses a wide range of practices that include diet, herbal remedies, and spiritual practices.

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So if you are thinking of improving your heart health, here are some Ayurvedic recommendations that can regulate and strengthen your heart:

  1. Combine buttermilk with garlic and slurp twice a day. Garlic is very important and useful in controlling blood pressure, thus helping in improving heart problems.

  2. Moisten fenugreek in water and keep overnight. Now chew on an empty stomach the next morning. This practice helps lower cholesterol and fats, which further reduces the chances of heart attack.

  3. Terminalia Arjuna and Jaharmorha are other Ayurvedic medicines that help in cardiovascular treatment.

  4. Drink fresh ginger tea by steaming some grated or sliced ​​ginger in a cup, if not then add it to your rice or soup. Eating a small amount of ginger every day can prevent heart disease.

  5. Perform Ayurvedic massages with warm Vata oils, which help relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce mental fatigue, thereby lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

  6. Meditation is the second best method to dissolve anxiety and restore body health. Meditating twice a day for just 10 to 20 minutes can help heal a person’s heart.

  7. Follow pranayama or breathing exercises. This exercise has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiopulmonary system. The best point to consider about breath control in pranayama practice is to support the heart muscles and eventually help in improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood vessels.

Therefore, Ayurveda believes in prevention. So spend some time each day doing these things that can give you satisfaction and improve your heart’s health.

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