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The Love Campaign (T.L.C) – BE LIKE GOD- HAVE FAITH

Faith is the virtue that makes the impossible happen. The world as beautiful as we see it was once a dark empty space with nothing to write home about. But God, who has faith had a different version of how the world should look like and now we can all see it.

*Friend what is your vision. What has been on your heart to start. Don’t look at the present situation. Don’t consider what you lack. Just believe!*

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You may not have enough money to start, you may not have the support of your family, you may not have all the resources in place, but with your faith just start.

Start small and keep working at it. Very soon God will align the right people and resources to come your way.

*Nothing moves God than faith and once He is backing you, you have all the resources you need.*

The right time may never come my dear, but just believe in your dream and do it.

God Loves You and He is willing to help you if you believe.
Stay Blessed!
*☆Daniel Boadi Ameyaw ☆*

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