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Buy Organic Food – I Would Love To, But Why Does It Cost So Much?

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There is a lot of debate about whether to buy organic food. Is it worth the price? Where is the best place to buy it? Is the quality the same everywhere? All of these questions and more come to mind when you first think about making the switch from conventionally grown to organic food.

The price of organic food is a barrier for many people. There are many reasons why organic food is more expensive and basically they all depend on supply and demand. Conventionally grown foods are produced on large, commercial farms using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase production. This increases the available quantity (supply).

Organic foods, on the other hand, are typically grown on smaller farms without the help of chemicals, resulting in a lower supply. The non-chemical methods of protecting crops from pests and diseases are more expensive and labor intensive, driving up the price even further.

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Conventionally grown foods also benefit from a large infrastructure of a distribution system, reducing the cost of bringing the products to market. Many small organic farms depend on local sales or farmers markets.

Demand has also increased significantly recently as many people become more aware of taking personal responsibility for their health. Due to this relatively low supply and high demand, prices are higher.

The question to ask yourself when considering whether you should pay the price to buy organic food isn’t just how much it costs for today’s tomatoes or peppers. Above all, ask yourself what it will cost your health if you eat conventional products. What is the cost of symptom-suppressing medical care that you can seek if your health deteriorates? And how does the continued use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers affect the environment? All of these costs should be considered when making the decision to buy organic food.

Thanks to Mary Ann MacKay

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