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PART II: How to Rise Above The Pandemic

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Learning to live in the present rather than imagining an abyss of the future is crucial, especially during this pandemic. Keeping a positive attitude is the key to coping, especially during difficult times. At such times it may seem impossible to believe that one’s peace, calm and hope can truly be preserved or restored in the face of such uncertain times. Still, it is both possible and necessary to live in the present, to de-stress and find new ways to cope with the effects of Covid-19 and the isolation it brings.

If we are to continue to recover and experience good mind-body-spirit wellness, we must use all of our resources – not just a few. Faith and prayer can be very helpful in combating unbridled worries, fears and worries. Such negativity is the real enemy that all too often disrupts our physical health and well-being. They serve to affect our mind-body-spirit connection in negative ways and even lower our immunity and mood. Associated with holistic wellness and healing of the mind and body, hope coupled with uplifting beliefs is instrumental in eliminating fear, anxiety, depression and despair. These positive traits allow us to face any situation in new and improved ways, allowing us to become our best selves—regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. When we are worried and hopeless, that is also far-reaching, overwhelms us and spreads quickly to others, with a high level of contagion that can be comparable to the Corona virus.

In order to effectively banish worry, fear, and negativity, we must find ways to experience the highest possible level of calm and inner peace. Our health of mind, body and spirit may very well depend on it. The close connection between body, mind and spirit is real. We must choose to embrace positivity—even and especially during this time of great adversity. It’s really a decision we have to make alone every day. Although counseling may be helpful for some who need practical help while struggling with anxiety, depression and anxiety during the pandemic, others may choose to pray to God and seek His help. However, some people combine prayer and counseling to get the best results. It just depends on how you handle what you do to find peace and serenity in these turbulent times.

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Fearless Faith

Judeo-Christian doctrine tells us that God is a loving, compassionate God who works tirelessly to provide practical help in the form of comfort, protection, healing, and guidance. He generously blesses each of us daily by His grace and provides for all our needs. It takes fearless faith to believe that help is on the way from God—even if it’s just a change of attitude. Scripture reveals that God wants only the very best for us and draws us ever closer to Him, especially in difficult times when we need His help the most. Many people around the world believe that God will prepare a way for us to overcome this pandemic and all circumstances and lead us to a future full of hope.

alleviate negativity

One’s beliefs and practices like prayer can be very important, uplifting, and central to helping a person gain a positive perspective. It can alleviate any negativity we face within ourselves. Life challenges like this pandemic can either make you bitter or better. Faith is clearly a personal choice that we all have to make on a daily basis despite difficult and challenging situations. Growing in faith—especially “fearless faith”—enables us to put aside all negativity and face the future with renewed faith and anticipation of the good things to come. Faith can give us hope and helps us stay positive even when all seems lost or when we are tired and overwhelmed.

While we long for the day when we can be out and about without social distancing due to this pandemic, spending time together, personally, with friends and family, it’s important to try to stay in the here and now. It’s uplifting to think that nothing in this life lasts forever, it’s all temporary, and surely relief is on the way. Hopefully in a few months they will come up with a safe vaccine that proves it. Then we as a nation – as a world – will likely emerge from the struggle stronger, grateful for our freedom and loved ones, and ready to return to life as we know it.

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