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Can A Diet Or Specific Food List Help Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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For years there has been a debate, doctors versus patients, scientists versus alternative health advocates, and so on. Because it’s never been scientifically proven that a diet or a list of foods you should or shouldn’t eat can help with rheumatoid arthritis, doctors almost never recommend it. But many patients believe that there are certain foods known to help with their rheumatoid arthritis. So who to believe?

There are many types of diseases that diet can help with. Dieting seems to be part of a healthy life, you need the right nutrition before you can function. For the many years that this discussion has been going on, there is no actual evidence for either side. It cannot be proved and cannot be denied.

Research has been conducted to suggest that oranges, fish oil, and green tea are some of the foods that may help with this condition, but it hasn’t been proven yet. You can also eliminate all types of foods that could make it worse in your body, but you must be aware that doing so can lead to an unbalanced diet. It is better to eliminate specific foods that you have experienced as triggers for your pain than to eradicate everything that is under the same type of food.

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Diet or foods that help with your rheumatoid arthritis can probably give you relief, but it’s not a cure, but regular medical treatments for it are almost never a cure either, so we think the best thing you can do is trying it yourself, if you can reduce the amount of painkillers, it’s worth the effort. If you search online for this type of alternative treatment, you will find that there are lists of foods that may be helpful or should be avoided. Just try one tip at a time for a few weeks, if it works keep it, if it doesn’t put it down.

In general, most lists recommend more fresh fruits and vegetables, an increase in your daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), and a reduction in coffee, alcohol, processed foods, and fried foods. And whatever it does for your rheumatoid arthritis, there’s no harm in this advice. You will probably lose some weight and this is also a good thing to relieve the pain from this disease. There are many studies that have shown that even a small amount of extra weight can have a dramatic effect on it.

We now know that diet or food list will not cure you of rheumatoid arthritis, but it is also clear that it can help you live a healthier life and that is always a first step towards a better condition. And if you feel less pain and less stiffness in your joints, write down your diet and keep trying and sharing it with others online.

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