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Can Cayenne Pepper Lower Your Cholesterol?

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Can Cayenne Pepper Actually Lower Your Cholesterol? yes it can Cayenne pepper is one of the most powerful herbs in the world, yet most consider it just a spice. However, its uses and tremendous health benefits extend far beyond its culinary uses. It is a tried and tested herb that has been used by wise herbalists and family doctors for decades.

Cayenne is extremely beneficial for the entire vein structure and for the heart. Its nutrients give Cayenne such power. In fact, it is not only a highly nutritious herb, but also a medicinal herb. It is very rich in vitamins A, C and the B complex. It’s also teeming with assimilable calcium and potassium. Its potassium richness is one of the reasons why it is so good for the human heart.

So why is it so helpful in lowering cholesterol? Cayenne pepper is an herb that, once digested by the body, helps cleanse the bloodstream of unwanted elements. How specific? Cayenne pepper somehow processes fat without absorbing it, and it helps the body eliminate the fats through normal bowel movements. The speed and effectiveness with which it works is nothing short of amazing. When taken daily, it not only strengthens the heart but also lowers cholesterol levels by flushing the blood. The therapeutic value of cayenne pepper has been confirmed repeatedly, but don’t take my word for it, or take my word for it from various scientific studies. Use it for 30 days and you have your own story to tell.

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The Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink – How To Take It

I would advise you to take it in warm water. The warm water is much faster than tablets, capsules or cold water because the warm cayenne water opens up the cell structure. It expands the cells and utilizes the Cayenne so much faster. The famous herbal and homeopathic Dr. John Christopher repeatedly testified in his writings to the virtually immediate nature of cayenne pepper on the heart. If someone has had a heart attack and can drink the warm concoction made from very warm water and cayenne pepper, it will bring the person out of the heart attack in about 15 seconds. While a severe cut or injury isn’t related to lowering cholesterol, putting in some cayenne pepper and maybe drinking some will stop the bleeding in literally 10 to 15 seconds

You might be surprised to hear about the medicinal properties of cayenne pepper, but the truth is that it has been used as a medicine (as well as an herbal spice) for centuries around the world. Because of the stranglehold that Big Pharma has on the medical establishment, not to mention the impact that modern Western medicine is having on our healthcare system, the benefits of cayenne pepper and other herbs remain relatively unknown, and herbalists are prosecuted by health authorities and prosecuted tracked .

money money money

So why hasn’t most heard of cayenne pepper’s amazing therapeutic abilities? Money. The top-selling drug in the US is Lipitor – rumored to be sold to lower cholesterol. In 2005 alone, Lipitor had sales of 12.2 billion. According to CNN, Lipitor totaled 13 billion. Needless to say, cayenne pepper could eliminate all of that. Consider the difference: It costs between $10 and $20 to buy a pound of cayenne pepper. The average Lipitor price dose is $80. When you’re selling $13 billion a year on a drug, you don’t want to give it up, and you don’t want others to know about something that works better. Now you know in part why herbal medicine is publicly derided by the medical establishment and criminalized by the government. Of course, herbal medicine has been respected by true health practitioners and cayenne pepper for years

The cayenne pepper detox drink, as I call it, takes a little getting used to, but its benefits are tremendous. Your cholesterol will be lowered, your heart will be strengthened and you will experience other health benefits as well. Drink the cayenne pepper detox drink. It’s inexpensive, and while it may seem odd to drink a glass of warm cayenne pepper water, its health benefits will be felt. Don’t rely on doctors to “cure” you from lower cholesterol. Take matters into your own hands; Be confident about your health. Doctors can certainly be a great blessing, but learning about alternative means to help your health will greatly benefit you.

Thanks to Glenn Reschke

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