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COVID-19 Vaccines Q&A Part 5

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Do the vaccines contain any microchips which could potentially be the 666 Christians talk about?

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Speaking from a religious angle, I am a Christian and I would want to believe I have read and searched my Bible enough to have identified a quote of end time chips if there were any such concept in the Bible. The Bible does not make mention of any CHIP. I have asked a number of Pastor friends too and none has pointed to any verse about chips in the Bible. Reference is made to “the mark of the Beast” which considering how figurative the Book of Revelations could be, may take several forms. So the concept of there being a 666 chip as we heard in our childhood and developed an obsession over sounds quite strange and alien. We may have adopted it from the popular end-time movies we watched. But those are movies. We can leave the theology to the clergy to dissect further.

On the science, the source of this conspiracy theory as I have seen is one video interview in which a man makes mention of vaccines and a proposal to attach to chips to the packaging for tracking(link in references). The man is the interview was Jay Walker who is the CEO of abiject, a private company that develops specialized packaging for drugs. It is not a pharmaceutical company and they do not manufacture vaccines. What he said and described with images as seen in the video sounded quite straightforward. The chip is quite big in size and can therefore not logically even pass through the needle for injection. What he proposed(And I say propose because it has not been adopted for any vaccine yet), is to attach a chip (which is big and visible to the eye) to the container of the vaccine so that it becomes possible to trace which location the vaccine was used and to identify vaccine information such as expiry and good storage. There are global concerns on vaccine diversion/theft and that is actually why you sometimes see (Not for sale in country A or B inscribed on some drugs. Another post) and so this proposal is just for proper tracking to ensure that vaccines purchased for Ghana are safely used in Ghana and not been diverted to Nigeria. You’ll receive the vaccine in this hospital or workplace anyway so the only tracking that registers is that location and not your house or personal body detail. It is also to help public health officials properly enumerate how many vaccines have been administered. The chip in itself contains no personal data and IS NOT PART OF THE VACCINE. It does not enter the human body and has nothing to do with the patient. It does not even come into contact with the person’s body as is clearly demonstrated in the video.

This is a proposed design and considering the additional cost vis-a-vis the fact that these Covid vaccines are being sold mostly at break-even price, I doubt the proposal will be adopted. It hasn’t been adopted yet anyway. But if it ever gets adopted, it will not insert any chip into any human being!!!

Reference for further understanding:

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