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Positive Affirmations For Getting and Being Healthy

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In February 1992 my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and subsequently lung cancer. As she was undergoing various treatments, I wrote these positive affirmations for her. I hope you find them inspiring and helpful.

I am happy and glad to be alive.

I have a positive attitude towards life.

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Life is wonderful and worth living.

I live my life with love, happiness and positive expectation.

I have a strong constitution.

I overcome illnesses easily.

I heal quickly and without complications.

I have a great appreciation for life and life.

The support and love I receive from my family and friends gives me incredible strength to overcome any problem.

I always appreciate the treatments and medicines that help me get well.

I take an active part in my recovery.

I thank all the doctors, nurses and others who make me well.

Thank you to everyone who is interested in me.

Knowing about cancer has increased my appreciation for life and myself.

I’m getting better every day.

I’m stronger every day.

My resolution to be healthy is cast in reinforced concrete.

I take excellent care of myself.

I diligently do whatever needs to be done to perfect my healing.

My attitude is like a laser beam aimed at getting, being and staying healthy.

Awareness of stress allows me to maintain a high level of calm and comfort.

I keep my body and mind going with positive mental imagery.

These positive mental images ignite my body’s defense system to reverse and eliminate all illnesses.

I expel, dispel and erase negative emotions and ideas.

I stay active and mentally alert.

My self-confident attitude prevents diseases.

I know that the path to self-healing is persistence of attitude.

My appreciation and trust in medical treatment ensure my good health.

I tolerate the medical treatment very well and heal quickly.

I believe in myself and my innate ability to overcome.

I produce the strongest medicine: the will and the attitude to be healthy.

The deep love and support I receive from my friends and family is the icing on the cake of my life.

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Thanks to Arnold Damsky

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