Diet Pills and Oprah

Diet Pills and Oprah

Over the weekend, on one of those debate shows, a group of three spoke out about Oprah’s impact on Americans. The makers, advertisers, and website designers of virtually every Hoodia Gordonii diet pill on the market make mention of the Hoodia/Oprah connection.

Why does America value Oprah’s opinion so highly? Books mentioned by Oprah become bestsellers. Products mentioned by Oprah are disappearing from the shelves. The Oprah hoodie connection is no exception. Hoodia gordonii is an amazing plant, appears to be a powerful appetite suppressant and helps people lose weight, but why the American public believes it when they hear it from Oprah is an interesting question.

The Hoodia Oprah connection was formed in July 2005 when an article in O magazine entitled “Diet Pills, The Next Generation” mentioned Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is world famous today because of Oprah Winfrey and reporters from 60 Minutes and the BBC. Not too many people have anything bad to say about Hoodia Gordonii. There are precautions to be taken when purchasing authentic or genuine Hoodia. There are concerns about completing clinical research, but people listening to Oprah don’t care.

There are rumors of an “Oprah Hoodia” diet pill. Such a product does not seem to exist. People have said that Oprah uses Hoodia herself. This also doesn’t seem to be true. Oprah has struggled with her weight for as long as the American public can remember. First she’s really overweight, then she’s losing weight. She seems to be on that seesaw or roller coaster that many Americans ride when it comes to controlling their weight. Many of us have lost the same 10 or 20 pounds over and over again throughout our lives. There is nothing surprising in the fact that we are constantly looking for a miracle weight loss pill. Oprah’s opinions on Hoodia may be correct. Research and customer testimonials to date seem to indicate that Hoodia works for many people. Like any product, it doesn’t work for everyone, but most people who express dissatisfaction with the results find satisfactory results with a different product.

The Oprah Hoodia article did not endorse or recommend any product currently on the market. It was a general article, as were the TV reports on Hoodia’s effectiveness as an appetite suppressant. It’s doubtful any of the reporters or writers who researched Hoodia Gordonii would have thought their comments would form the basis of a nationwide publicity campaign, but at least they gave hope to overweight people everywhere.

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