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Diet Therapy – Objectives and Treatment

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Diet is recognized as one of the most effective methods of treating patients and even healthy individuals. Various alternative diets are offered to treat cancer, cardiovascular disease and food allergies. Basically, most diets focus on consuming fresher and freshly prepared vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Food allergies have become an important area of ​​research.

Diet is heavily involved in many forms of arthritis. Food can cause arthritis and it can also aid in healing. Many of these special diets arose from the observation that RA does not occur in societies with more “primitive” diets.

Computer home therapy has made the PC an excellent therapy device. This diet therapy program uses light and sound, which means visual stimulation through the use of images, colors and live images. These techniques have been researched in Israel over the past decade.

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goal of diet therapy

Adjusting nutrition to the body’s ability to utilize certain foods, to achieve a certain effect as a remedy, to compensate for deficiencies by adding foods rich in a necessary element. Some parents feel that their child needs both nutrition and medication. We don’t judge parents’ decisions or put pressure on them, Palmer says.

Diet therapy for ADHD

While some studies suggest that foods and food additives affect some behaviors in some children, dietary modifications are not recommended in the routine management of ADHD. If a special diet is introduced, it should be carefully monitored by a qualified nutritionist, preferably experienced in the field. Edible oils and fats are also used extensively in diet therapy where they can halt the progression of disease or reverse the progression of disease.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Diet Therapy Treatment

If you want to get rid of a vitamin B12 deficiency. Other strong sources for vitamin B12 deficiency diet therapy are meat, eggs, and dairy products. Here are some examples with their vitamin B12 content per 200 calorie serving: Canned Clam Chowder, 26 mcg, Salmon, 15 mcg, Oyster Stew, 7 mcg, T-Bone Steak, 5 mcg, Porterhouse Steak, 4 mcg.

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