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Diet Vs Exercises For Six Pack Abs – What is More Important?

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If you’ve always wanted to get a tight six pack and do thousands of crunches but have never been able to see them before, might you be frustrated that you never show those abs?

Maybe you’ve tried dieting to shed a few pounds to shed some belly fat and still aren’t able to see your abs behind the fat?

So what’s really the best way to get a six pack abs? Diet or exercise? Most people think that the only way to get a six pack is to eat well, and for the most part that’s true… it will, however, be a tiny little six pack that won’t look as “muscle”. That’s usually the look you are looking for. Most people want a lean, muscular body, and you can only achieve that with the right diet AND exercise.

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On the other hand, if you just exercise and eat the wrong food, you won’t see results either… You’ll feel tired and never have enough energy to exercise to the fullest. You’ll be slower to succeed… Of course, if you’re running 8 miles a day, a fast food meal won’t matter, but it won’t help you get that six pack either…

The answer to a really nice, toned, muscular six pack you’re probably looking for is doing the right kind of exercise. The right type of exercise is shorter, more intense resistance training sessions that target some of the larger parts of the body like the legs, arms, and chest.

When you’re targeting bigger muscles, your body needs more energy to keep them working and therefore burns more fat at rest. This is how you get more of a 24 hour body fat burn per day. Add in some interval training and a few miles of jogging per week and you’ll be burning enough fat to get lean and muscular in 12-16 weeks, but only if you eat right.

As I said, you also need to eat right to see any results at all…Once you start eating a healthy diet and eating lots more vegetables and fruits, as well as oatmeal, other fiber and protein, you will find that you are building muscle and shedding pounds like never before. If you knew you could lose 25-50 pounds in 12-16 weeks and you knew it worked, how hard would you work for it?

Thanks to Christopher Stigson

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