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Revealed – The Protein Power Diet, Good Or Bad?

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In the world of low carb dieting, the Protein Power Diet is considered one of the best and most credible low carb diets out there. The main purpose is to change a person’s eating habits through 3 phases lasting 3 weeks of weight loss and craving changes. But is it really good or bad for you?

Here’s the short version of the Protein Power Diet and what it’s all about. This diet is divided into 3 phases:

1st intervention: This phase is exactly what it sounds like. Users are given grocery lists and told how/when to eat those foods, gradually implement them into their daily lives, and slowly get rid of their current eating habits, especially foods that contain carbohydrates. This takes about 2 weeks and is the most difficult part of the diet.

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Crossing: In this diet phase you get used to the effects of the Protein Power Diet. This stage is less difficult as you are already incorporating the foods in this diet into your routine and getting used to them.

Maintenance: This is pretty self-explanatory, but after you complete the diet, you basically continue to eat those meals (they’re mostly high-protein foods) and stick to the rules. For more detailed information on these phases, visit the Protein Power official website.

So the question is again, is this diet really good or bad for you?

Well, after researching customer reviews, the conclusion is mixed. On the plus side, people experience improved health and weight loss from this diet. On the other hand, however, this diet requires a long-term commitment and many people find it difficult to stick to the regime of this diet or avoid carbohydrates. Many people quit and unfortunately the weight comes back as a result.

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