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Digital And Wellness In The 21st Century

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The Internet was an invention that brought a wave of change to people’s lives. It created a new dimension in which people could spend their time and give themselves a different identity. The need to be present online has further increased the time spent in the web world.

The concept of digital wellbeing is slowly catching on for the mental and emotional benefits of individuals. It emphasizes the need to use technology by taking the necessary precautions and ensuring that everything depicted is appropriate. We cannot deny the fact that technology has come to dominate everyone’s life today and has led to advances in medicine, economics, etc. It has helped to immensely reduce the distances between people by facilitating communication across physical barriers. But as the saying goes: the easy way out may not be the easier way out.

The advent of websites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat has given all youngsters the opportunity to have an identity away from their usual true selves. This is a world where they are free to be whatever they want. It allows people to feel empowered in a way. But taking advantage of what’s behind the screen or taking what’s on screen isn’t conducive to one’s identity. Therefore, this concept of having a distinct personality online must be used with caution.

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Given the amount of time people spend online, this is becoming a major cause of mood disorders. Most people who are addicted to social media can stay away from reality, which is not the ideal way of life. One of the first steps one must take to cultivate digital wellbeing is to exercise restraint by disciplining yourself that staying online 24 hours a day is not necessary. Given are the steps one can take and things to keep in mind to maintain a balance with reality.

Be aware of your intentions: When you publish content online, it is very important to be aware beforehand that the content uploaded is solely your responsibility. You must ensure that it does not contain anything that may offend another person who may read or view the content. Although everyone has the right to say anything without hesitation, to post something on the internet you must have genuine and good intentions.

Limit time on social media: If you spend too much time on social media, not only will you limit your chances of making better use of that time, but you will also find yourself feeling very drained due to stressful online content and feel unmotivated. Therefore, it is ideal that you focus on the positive and make sure you set a time limit for scrolling through social media. This saves you valuable time and protects you from being exposed to mood disorders.

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