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Do people prefer to eat gnocchi from Italian restaurants in Los Angeles? 

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A common misconception revolves around gnocchi and that is these are not very tasty to eat. Gnocchi is an Italian cuisine that is a varied family of dumplings. These are made up of small lumps of dough that are composed of semolina, ordinary wheat flour, egg, cheese, potato, breadcrumbs, cornmeal, and other similar ingredients including herbs and vegetables. It originated from Italy and individuals started eating it because solidarity was born amongst the people and the neighbors which resulted in inviting large families for eating a gnocchi meal together. That tradition was started for poor people as when they would invite someone over, they would also put a bond and this gift allowed the families to make it to the end of the month without extreme financial hurdles. 

The name of the dish does not sound very appealing to the customers yet, you will be surprised to hear that there is a large customer base of gnocchi in Italian restaurants in Los Angeles.

Gnocchi is a Slightly Healthier Option Than Pasta in Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

Those who are on a diet but want to eat something fancy at the same time, prefer gnocchi rather than pasta. There are several variations of this dish but the most common variation that is found in the restaurants is a lot tastier and healthier. That is the perk due to which it is significantly ordered in restaurants. Though gnocchi is high in nutrients and is extremely filling, it is lower in calories and carbohydrates due to which you would actually end up eating bigger portions of it than the regular pasta. At Burrata House, we freshly prepare a fresh meal for you on the spot.  

Having Gnocchi in Italian Restaurants in LA is a Good Choice for Vegans

With time, restaurants have started to increase dishes in their vegan menu. However, previously when vegans would go to a restaurant, there were no options in vegan food dishes from which they could decide. Having gnocchi on the menu solved this problem for vegan consumers. In most of the restaurants, that dish is made entirely of vegan ingredients without the use of eggs and cheese. It mostly consists of potatoes and has less flour than regular pasta which also makes it a good choice for the vegan customer base. 

A Tradition to eat on the 29th

And lastly, as we have already discussed, families eat gnocchi together every month. That is an Argentinian tradition and they believe that eating this meal together on the 29th of every month is a source of good luck for them. At the dinner table, for extra luck and prosperity, they can ask the waiters to place a peso coin or a note under everyone’s dinner plate. Hence, most restaurants only serve gnocchi on this day because most people will come to the Italian restaurants in LA to order this. However, other restaurants have this dish on their menu every single day. 

Moving on to the next section, in which we will be discussing some frequently asked questions related to Italian restaurants in Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gnocchi vegan?

Yes, at times gnocchi can be made vegan if there is no usage of eggs or cheese in the dough. Typically, gnocchi consists of potatoes and has less flour than regular pasta which makes it a healthy choice. Also, homemade gnocchi does not consist of any fillers or preservatives which makes it an extremely healthy choice. Traditionally, the recipes that are used for making gnocchi are not vegan as they mostly contain egg and cheese. However, with time, sometimes restaurants eliminate these ingredients from the dough so that this dish could be accessible to vegan customers too. 

Is gnocchi a lower carb than pasta?

Yes, gnocchi actually has lower carbs than pasta. Many people do not believe it but it comes in at around 2 times the amount of carbs per serving. It also has more sodium, over 200 grams of it in each serving. Regular pasta does not have nearly as much sodium. 

Why do Argentines eat gnocchi?

Argentines have a gnocchi day, a day in which the Italian immigrants came in the 19th century. They brought with them traditional recipes of pizza, pasta, and gnocchi. It is basically a tradition in which all the family members gather together, be it rich or poor and gifts are placed under their dinner tables so that they would not have to face financial problems throughout the month.

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