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What Not To Do If You Have Dog Allergy

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You have a dog, but you have dog allergy? The problem is that you are a big fan of dogs, but you still can not enjoy it because of the allergic symptoms you have when playing or hugging a dog. Nevertheless, the number of breeds that produce very few allergens is very low.

What are allergens?

The substances that you can find everywhere, not only at home, but also in the body, and which your body cannot tolerate, are called allergens. If you are allergic to some of these allergens, the first contact with some of them will overreact in your body. In fact, your immune system produces more antibodies to defeat these substances.

I should mention that these substances are not harmful to your body, but that your immune system recognizes them as dangerous. So try to overcome them. The first contact is not so dangerous and your body does not react the way it does next time. The subsequent reaction of your body to the contact of some of these allergens will be shown with allergic symptoms such as rash, sneezing, swelling, itching, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, coughing, anaphylaxis, or even the worst case of death.

The main causes of dog allergies are dog hair, urine or saliva. However, most people believe that skin is the leading cause of allergy to dogs. That’s not true. The skin is not as allergic as it is, but while you take care of your dog, dandruff and saliva are so common in the air that it is ideal for allergy.

Generally, the time to onset of these allergens is about five to thirty minutes. However, there are examples in which the occurrence of allergens occurs much later than usual.

Hypoallergenic breeds of dog

In general, the term “hypoallergenic” is used for products intended for the skin, also called skin care products. They are designed for sensitive skin and with this type of products, the skin should be less sensitive. The idea of the hypoallergenic breeds of dog comes with the discovery that some dog breeds are less affected by allergies. These breeds produce fewer allergens than other breeds. Therefore, people who are allergic to dogs can also have this animal in their presence without worrying about their body’s response. These hypoallergenic dog breeds are also known as hypoallergenic breeds of dog.

However, you can follow some tips on controlling your dog environment:

• Avoid keeping the dog near your room or even the bed
• Use the HEPA filter in all areas of your home.
• Use electrostatic filters to clean the air in your home.
• If you have mats, you should get rid of them, especially if your dog is at home. This is because carpets are the biggest dandruff collectors and all dogs like to spend more time there.
• Try to bathe your dog regularly.
• Keep everything your dog needs to play clean.
• If you can buy, use leather for your sofas.

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