Eating Right – Six Tips That Will Boost Your Fat Loss Plan

Eating Right – Six Tips That Will Boost Your Fat Loss Plan

Heavy training does not guarantee successful weight loss unless combined with a healthy diet. Experts have found that a balanced diet accounts for 70% of overall weight loss, while rigorous exercise only accounts for 30%. Intense exercise can initiate rapid fat loss, but good nutrition accelerates it.

A good menu has the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Your daily meal should include all food groups. For example, breakfast should include bread for carbs, milk for protein, and butter for fat. Your diet should go hand in hand with your workout to achieve rapid fat loss.

Maintain your desired weight with the right attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. Always remember that being healthy is a better choice. Also, a healthier body and mind is key to living a productive life.

Follow these guidelines to keep track of your health and fitness:

1. Load up on high-fiber foods. Fiber supports digestion and prevents constipation. It also acts like a magnet when it comes to toxins and fats. Fiber flushes these bad components into the body and cleans the digestive system so it can function properly.

2. Avoid artificial foods. Say no to fries and make pizzas. Learn how to prepare your favorite treats instead of eating ones that contain chemicals and fat. For tasty potato chips or fries, try baking them instead of frying them. For pizzas, choose fresh toppings like basil, tomato, and cheese, rather than choosing frozen pizzas with ingredients you’re unfamiliar with.

3. Look for yogurt. Forget ice cream, yogurt is tangier and healthier than that high-calorie candy you used to eat. Yogurt also has live microorganisms that are good for your stomach.

4. Know the substitutes. There are a few substitutes for your staple foods like sugar and potatoes. Raisins can replace sugar when baking cakes. Raisins are basically dried grapes that are naturally sweet. To replace it with sugar, simply crush it and mix into a cupcake mix. The substitute for potatoes might surprise you: cauliflower. Simply boil the cauliflower heads (remove the stems) and mash. Add salt, pepper and some milk and you have a non-greasy version of mashed potatoes. Only this time it has the right to be called mashed cauliflower. By replacing the high-carb ingredients in your favorite comfort food, you’ll experience rapid fat loss.

5. Lean on Lean. When deciding whether to eat red meat or chicken, always choose the cut with less fat. Although fat burns when you cook it, you may not want to eat something that’s swimming with its own fat. The fats on all types of meat harden as it cools. So once it gets into your body, you will have a hard time getting it out.

6. No to greasy salads. Yes, there are salads that make you fatter. If you decide to eat salads, choose one that doesn’t contain mayonnaise or cream. If you love the creaminess of mayonnaise, substitute yogurt to reduce the fat content of your favorite salad.

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