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Factors To Consider When Choosing Fish For Your Aquaponics System

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There are a number of factors to consider when choosing fish for your aquaponic system. These need to be considered as they affect the overall productivity of your aquaponic system garden.

The environment in which the fish will live is important as not all fish can thrive in the same conditions. Water temperature is important as a fish like the tilapia needs warm water to survive while other species of fish like trout need cooler water. If you put your fish in water that is too cold, they will go into shock and eventually die. For this reason, it is important to regularly monitor the water temperature in the aquarium.

In some cases, you can mix different types of fish together. Of course, they must be able to thrive in the same environment. Fish like the tilapia do well in an aquaponic system garden with oscars, goldfish and koi as they are all similar species. These are all cichlids. Mixing in other species of fish is not a good idea if some are carnivores and some are not. Trout, bass and perch are carnivores and will eat other smaller fish.

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Another thing to consider is how fast your fish are growing and reproducing. This is especially important if you are considering using your fish as a food source. You want your aquarium to stay well stocked and also give you plenty of fish to eat. Of course you want fish that tastes good. The tilapia is a good choice for this.

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