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Finding Real Weight Loss Solutions – Delivering Real Results For Average People

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To find real weight loss solutions, you need to find a diet program that works for your unique needs.

Weight loss programs have come in leaps and bounds over the past three or four years because we now have a good understanding of how weight loss actually works, and more importantly; We now understand how the body responds to dieting.

Losing weight has always been difficult. It took a lot of self-control and a lot of self-sacrifice. We couldn’t eat as much as we wanted; leaving us hungry; and we could not eat many of the foods we like; make us feel disadvantaged.

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But recently, a simple truth About diets has come to light: The body is programmed to receive, not lose.

Dieting alone causes the body to try to lose weight!

So now we know why losing weight has always been so difficult. When we eat less to lose weight, the body perceives this reduction in food as an imminent starvation; and it slows metabolism to protect itself and prolong life. A similar self-preservation response occurs when we stand outside on a cold day – our teeth start chattering and we start shaking – our body tries to protect itself from freezing just as it will try to protect itself from starvation .

Finding real weight loss solutions now is all about finding a plan that can minimize the natural diet response we need to expect from our bodies.

This is accomplished through a technique known as calorie shifting.

Calorie shifting makes us alternate the types of foods we eat and the times we eat them. This tactic keeps the body from realizing that total calorie intake has been reduced, therefore the body doesn’t induce the dreaded metabolic slowdown that causes other diets to be so harsh and often fail.

Calorie shifting is very effective and offers the added benefits of:

  • It is important that you have “days off” where there are no restrictions.
  • You must eat often, you never feel hungry or deprived.
  • Fast and measurable results help keep motivation up.
  • Computer-generated meal plans are based on favorite foods.
  • They are less restrictive and very easy to follow.

Calorie-shifting diets are based on well-established medical facts about how the body responds to dieting. The scientific weight loss has arrived.

Finding real weight loss solutions is as easy as following the link below.

Calorie shifting works. It is easy. It’s risk free. It’s guaranteed.

See it, then do it; SUCCESSFUL!

Thanks to Carter James

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