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Fixing the Uneven Chest: Best Exercise To Help You Even Your Pecs

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About uneven chest: When you look at a superhero, the first thing that you notice is the chiseled, beefy chest in that tight suit. The broad shoulders that we all love about the male body are so noticeable yet sometimes they do not go with the body. We have seen people changing their posture over time due to multiple things. This can be due to uneven sitting posture, leaning back too much, biological reasons, and much more.

uneven chest

No matter what the reason may be, you can easily fix it, in case of the biological reason you can manage it but curing it might not be a possibility. According to research by Harvard Health, the uneven chest is pretty common not only in men but also in women, and sometimes, the even chest might not be the problem but it may evoke a lot of other issues.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight some of the most important reasons you might have an uneven chest. Apart from this, we will also discuss the remedies, cures, and some exercises to help you improve your uneven chest. Some of these exercises might not fix it properly, but you will soon see a lot of improvement.

What Are The Reasons For An Uneven Chest?

The uneven chest has different reasons. In most cases the reason is genetic and you cannot cure it. However, the genetic uneven chest is treatable. With the help of surgery and physiotherapy and exercises, you will be able to make the issue unnoticeable.

In case the issue is due to dominance or favoritism of one side, you will feel like your one chest muscle is bigger than the other. In most cases, people with the right dominant hand use it for all kinds of tasks, and hence right chest muscles become bigger.

This issue can be fixed by working on the left side of the muscle till it reaches the same health as the other one. Some of the main reasons for uneven chest include:

  • Bad sitting posture
  • Using one hand more than other
  • Injury or abnormal growth
  • Slouching while working on the computer
  • Genetic issues like Pectus excavatum, Pectus arcuate, Poland syndrome, Scoliosis

All the above-mentioned issues can be fixed with some exercises, better sitting posture, and improving the overall diet. However, with genetic issues, you might need surgery as well. It all comes down to the diagnosis.

Best Exercises to Help You Treat Uneven Chest

Your diagnosis plays a very important role in the overall treatment and choosing exercises. If your issue is genetic, you will have to get surgery but then you will need exercises for healing properly. On the contrary, if your issue is mainly because of the dominance of one arm, you will need to work on your opposite arm.


If we look at the yoga workout, this is so far the most effective yet most subtle exercise. Most people do not have any genetic issues, instead, they have a bad sitting posture and since the body loses flexibility over time, this causes a major impact on muscle flexibility.

With the help of yoga, your body will get back flexibility and you will see a good improvement in your body strength as well. The best thing about yoga is that it helps in improving respiratory function and supports overall body health.

Aerobics for Balanced Chest

For a balanced chest, you need to work on the weaker shoulder so that it can support the chest. However, once that is done, you also need something that can help you balance the chest completely. Some of the exercises that will help you acquire balanced chest include:

  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Incline push-ups
  • Headstand press

Weight and Strength Training For Weak Chest 

For the people who have a mainly dominant hand that is impacting their chest, it is important to work with weights. With the help of weight training, they will not only see improvement in the strength of their chest, shoulder, and hand, they will also see improvement in the girth of the chest muscle. Some of the exercises that you can perform include:

Chest Press with Dumbbell

  • Incline Chest Press
  • Standing Chest Fly and Lying Chest Fly

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your lifestyle. We have seen a lot of people complaining about the uneven chest but they do not realize that a genetically uneven chest is very rare. On the contrary, our bad posture, desk jobs, wrong sitting arrangement, and use of technology without adjusting the seat and making it comfortable. In most cases, people do not use the back of the chair and they bend a little, on the contrary, there are a few people who slouch and their neck muscles along with shoulder muscles do not support the chest muscles.

Slouching can result in major issues like losing muscle flexibility and impacting the overall body form. Although, exercises will help you resolve this issue, however, if the issue is biological you might need surgery. In case the issue is not genetic, you will have to consult a doctor, physiotherapist and then start performing exercises with them. Once you get used to the exercise, you can then do it on your own.

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