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Technology Innovation, The Future Of Osteoarthritis Treatment

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Technological innovation plays a major part in the treatment and cure of chronic diseases. The continuous introduction of technology in the management of the osteoarthritis have improved the well-being of patients suffering from the incurable diseases.

Technology In Osteoarthritis Treatment

Many technologies have come up that have been used to treat the different symptoms of osteoarthritis. Most of the medical Practitioners, rheumatologist and therapeutics, have embraced technology in treating osteoarthritis.

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Joint replacements. Technological innovation has led to the development of prosthetic limbs that functions the same as the natural joint. Some of this joints include the knee cup, the hip joint, among other that have been used successfully. Even though the current replacement has some shortfall, increase in technological innovation will lead to getting a replacement that is fully functional long lasting and efficient.

Medication. Different medications have been produced that are purposely meant to reduce or alleviate some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis.  The medication includes anti-inflammatory, pain killers and others that improve the flexibility of the joints. The medication is either taken oral or can directly be delivered to the joint. The development of such drugs is a step towards the healing of the osteoarthritis-related complication. Technology in osteoarthritis treatment is expected to improve in the future due to the ongoing researches.

Management of osteoarthritis. Different techniques have been developed to manage osteoarthritis.

  • Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is one of the cells that is being used to repair the articulate cartilage. The technology utilises replication of the cell and which in turn is transplanted to the joint increasing healing of the cartilage and reconstructing of the joints to enable normal functioning.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). This is another vital technology in osteoarthritis treatment. TENS is a machine that alleviates pain through pulses send to nervous system through pads placed on the skin. The benefit is not well documented, but it has a lot of potential for future management and osteoarthritis treatment.
  • Assistance devices and tools. Through technological innovation, many types of equipment have been prepared to help osteoarthritis patients with their day to day activities. The equipment is customised for different uses such as movement, support, and undertaking daily routine such as brushing of teeth, bathing and putting on of clothes. The innovation of the equipment is ongoing, and the future for the osteoarthritis patients is bright.

Treatment procedure. Technology has revolutionised the procedures used during the management and treatment of osteoarthritis. Such procedures such as surgery, implanting artificial joints and administering drugs into the joint are breakthroughs of significant value.

The Future Of Osteoarthritis Treatment

The technological innovation is continuous with more break through each passing day. The current technology has managed to improve the life of osteoarthritis patients. There is hope that the future of osteoarthritis treatment will be brighter and more promising. The technology has enable us to reach where we are now and what we know about osteoarthritis.  It is for sure that the future of osteoarthritis treatment lies within technological advancement.

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