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Glyconutrients – Sugars That Heal Book Review

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There are many books on glycofeeding and I’m going to tell you a little about one I really liked, written by Dr. Emil Mondoa with Mindy Kitei. dr Mondoa is the man who started the Glyconutrients Research Foundation. This book is a relatively quick read and fairly easy to understand.

The book “Sugars That Heal” provides useful information on the role of glyconutrients by first providing an introduction to the human immune system, describing key components and stages of the immune response and specifying the role of glyconutrients in this process.

The full title is “Sugars that Heal: The New Healing Science of Glyconutrients”. dr Mondoa is addressing the new area of ​​study on glyconutrients, the essential sugars used by the body to promote optimal health and wellness. The book’s thesis is that the modern highly processed diet lacks the rich nutritional benefits that can be derived from fresh plant-based foods, but new glyco-supplements contain ingredients that have been shown to boost the body’s immune system and increase energy levels.

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Glyconutrients are eight “essential” polysaccharides that form an integral part of the body’s intercellular communication systems. The book Sugars that Heal describes the effects of increasing your dietary intake of these specific eight glyconutrient sugars as increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat, lowering cholesterol, and improving the body’s inflammatory response and immune system. dr Mondoa outlines beneficial effects of glyconutrients when the body is physically deteriorated. Conversely, Dr. However, Mondoa cautions that a diet devoid of glyconutrients will have negative effects on these aspects of bodily function.

The book goes on to discuss glyconutrients and areas such as:

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • poor health and diet

  • good health and nutrition

  • History of glyconutrients

dr Mondoa further outlines the helpful role of glyconutrients in overall health, discussing the role in preventative self-care, building endurance, slowing the aging process, muscle tone and strength, preventing sun damage, reducing body fat and providing support of mental function and in reversing some of the negative effects of poor nutrition. The Sugars That Heal outlines a plan to ensure all eight glyconutrients are included in the diet in the form of supplements and natural foods.

With the glyconutrient market excitement these days, Sugars That Heal is a very popular book that has received good reviews from many quarters. There is much anecdotal evidence from people supporting the views expressed within, and pioneering practitioners have supported it as well.

Thanks to Spencer Hunt

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