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Health Care Systems Comparison Between Third World Countries and Rest of the World

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This could be one of the hottest topics during this covid19 pandemic. I have looked through many articles, blogs and videos. A strong health care system has excellent clinical staff who share their experiences in dealing with the patient. This catastrophic situation occurs for the first time in their lives, to treat so many patients at the same time, in other third world countries, we can choose some of them from the large number, like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and so on where there are health systems Very limited to the population of the country as hospitals are always overcrowded and cannot accommodate everyone on a daily basis.

The US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and China have strong healthcare systems that have been shaken due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Usually they only treat limited patients, 90% of them are insurance patients and the rest are government duties treat them accordingly, they don’t have to face financial problems because they have strong government support.

We have many problems compared to them, especially the third world countries, which are already far behind the developed and rich countries, they have social, economic, legal and regulatory problems, they cannot provide quality care to ¼ of their citizens offer , but they have well trained staff, they treat thousands of patients in their daily routine. In my experience, during urban crises in Karachi, I have faced daily gunfire, gang warfare, kidnappings and blind bullets that take many lives. I worked in a private hospital where only affordable patients came

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for quality maintenance according to JCIA protocols. During my training, visiting government hospitals was also part of our studies, where I saw thousands of people, most of them could not afford shoes and slippers, they were barefoot, they followed a long line, the victims were only open wounds and fresh traumata who treat as a clinic patient and have to wait for the turnaround.

It’s not about our country that never provides basic healthcare system to citizens, the reason can be anything we have. 40% of the population are illiterate or an adequate system. Our nurses and doctors are well trained as they treat a large number of patients every day improving their skills.

The university hospital where I trained also recognizes my clinical expertise during city crises, the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Mohtarma Benzair Bhutto and other crises. I’m glad I had the opportunity to perform CPR codes with colleagues in the ER as a nurse to bring the patient back to life.

The covid-19 pandemic has started its roots in pakistan, india and other backward countries, they are trying to stop its spread through strict lockdown, educational institutions and worship services, still double digit numbers of people are dying every day, that is a controlled number, but numbers die The number of suspects and victims is increasing daily, nurses, doctors and other paramedics are highly motivated to handle the situation as we believe

“We belong to Allah and to Him we return”.

Covid 19, we stand ready to defeat you as we stand against you to protect our citizens.

Thanks to Alice Ibrahim

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