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Health Prevention

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Health prevention consists of three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary is health promotion or prevention. At this stage, the focus is on educating individuals about precautions that should be taken to improve health. Secondary is the diagnosis and treatment phase. As soon as a disease is detected, your doctor will select the right treatment method. The rehabilitation phase is tertiary. This is when you are recovering from your illness. A person’s health is still at risk at this stage, so you still need to be careful.

The most important level is the first, the primary. It’s the key to maintaining a healthy, functioning body. Health prevention is a top priority in many places. Health professionals visit schools to educate students about the risks of certain lifestyles. There are pieces of literature found elsewhere that deal with mental, physical and sexual health. You will not only find these brochures in high schools, but also in clinics, hospitals and crisis centers.

Scientists have developed a set of goals for disease prevention and health promotion known as Healthy People 2010. It discusses a wide range of issues related to public health. They found that there are 10 health issues that are seriously affecting America. These themes are known as Leading Health Indicators. They are as follows:

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1. Physical activity

2. Overweight and obesity

3. Tobacco use

4. Substance Abuse

5. Responsible Sexual Conduct

6. Mental Health

7. Injury and Violence

8. Environmental Quality

9. Immunization

10. Access to Health Care

People can live longer, healthier lives by understanding the importance of these issues. Access to such information is very important when it comes to personal health. It is best if you can avoid unnecessary health complications. By taking the right precautions, one can increase the quality and years of a healthy life.

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