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# Healthin2Point 00, episode 237 | Horowitz and Tiger Global, Medable, Zerigo Health and more – The Health Care Blog

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Health in 2 point 00

Today at Health at 2 Point 00, Jess and I are talking about Andreessen Horowtiz’s new ventures and Tiger Global’s resurgence in health tech. Some big deals for Episode 237: Medable Receives 304 million in Series D, raising a total of $ 521 million; Zerigo Health Receives $ 43 million for a grand total of $ 67 million; Click Therapeutics Receives $ 52 million, but with ancillary businesses, its total volume rises to $ 100 million; Workit Health will receive $ 112 million for a grand total of $ 138 million. Among Horowtiz’s new companies, Patina will receive $ 57 million even though it hasn’t started and Marley Medical will receive $ 9 million. – Matthew Holt

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