Eating healthy for kids can be tricky… what do your kids like to eat and eat regularly? Most parents say their kids prefer junk food: macaroni and cheese, candy, chips, cookies, and any other goodies they can find. Even if your kids want to eat these things, it’s important to remember that you should teach your kids healthy eating habits.

Start talking to your kids about the benefits of healthy eating. Help them understand why it’s good to eat whole foods and what those foods do to help their bodies. Explain how healthy foods provide our bodies with the nutrients we need to grow, recover, and be strong.

Involve your children in meal planning. Let them help plan the menus and then take them shopping. The grocery store is a great place for kids to learn about all the grocery options available. Guide them through the produce section and explain why fruits and veggies are better than sweets and sweets.

Another great way to help your kids eat healthier is to let them help with meal prep. Even small children can help by standing on a chair and doing small tasks. Show them how to prepare healthy meals and they will take pride in their work as they help prepare the family dinner.

Focus your family’s eating habits on healthy foods, but it’s okay to allow them a treat every now and then. Talk to your kids that it’s okay to eat treats occasionally, but most of the time they should focus on eating healthy foods that provide them with nutrients.

Your kids might be resistant to healthy eating, so remember it takes time! Be patient and keep working with them, and over time you’ll find that healthy eating for kids is easier than you initially thought!

Thanks to Becki Andrus


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