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Lessons From a Diabetes Diagnosis

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The night I was diagnosed with diabetes I was in the hospital after being hit by a car. Luckily I only had a small fracture in my left arm. The diagnosis of diabetes, Howrvrt, was devastating and was confirmed by a doctor who examined me. He prescribed me[physicaltherapyformyarmThegoodnewswasthatmyarmdidn’thavesurgery!Buttheideaof​​havingtodealwithdiabeteswasworse[hysicaltherapyformyarmThegoodnewswasthatmyarmdidn’tsurgery!Buttheideaof​​havingadeathdealwithdiabeteswasworse[PhysiotherapiefürmeinenArmDieguteNachrichtwardassmeinArmnichtoperiertwurde!AberdieVorstellungsichmitDiabetesauseinandersetzenzumüssenwarschlimmer[hysicaltherapyformyarmThegoodnewswasthatmyarmdidn’tsurgery!Buttheideaofhavingtodealwithdiabeteswasworse

It meant endless doctor visits and expensive insulin prescriptions, determined to avoid that fate. I researched diabetes and learned that it can be reversed. Studies had shown this to be possible, with diabetics recovering and losing weight in the process.

I wanted to reverse my diabetes and started learning about helpful foods like spinach btoccoli and oranges. My training had just started/

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Eat lots of green leafy vegetables every day. I chose to eat salads for linch. Noroccoli and fresh spinach were the two main ingredients. Egg salad and lettuce were the other ingredients. As a diabetic. I was able to eat tuna and salmon (wild caught), drinks were lemon water, coffee and green tea.

Avoid donuts, chips, soda, orange juice, pastries, sweet cereal, pizza, and ice cream. And while little was said about cravings, I experienced them nonetheless. No more jelly donuts! Instead, focus on a plant-based diet. I suffered a lot from cravings at first, but then turned to nuts like almonds and walnuts as snacks and gradually reduced the cravings. I occasionally indulged in vanilla ice cream or a slice of pizza, but did not eat these foods every day/

Try to eat healthy foods that you never ate as a teenager, I’ve never gotten fresh spinach at home. My dad opened canned spinach and served it up as a linch. I hated it and tried feeding it to the cat but she refused too. But I tried fresh spinach and I really liked it. I also tried and enjoyed broccoli and sweet potatoes which I liked and added them to my diet, I have yet to try to eat avocados, preferably every day. And I’m not a fan of fish

Stick to healthy, whole foods that you like and avoid fad diets like paleo and keto. Now, paleo and keto have their good points, but they’re pretty restrictive. I tried the keto diet for a week, but didn’t care for many of the foods featured and quit a few days later.

Opt for an egg for breakfast as it will help you stay full. Scrambled eggs or omelets are always good choices. I used to drink coffee and a fresh orange, which didn’t satisfy me at all. I ate a lot of pasta, hamburgers and other junk food. I also gained weight and developed high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes/

Remember to exercise every day, even if you go for long walks or bike rides. Walking is ideal. It’s jogging too. Both activities are good for the heart. You will also lose weight and will happily give up loose pants and tops

I am working on reversing diabetes but have more energy and have lost weight. I fit comfortably in size 12 clothing and routinely ate whole foods. OK, I enjoy a donut or some french fries occasionally, but I don’t eat them every day / I’ve also enjoyed my adventure of eating different healthy products. My blood pressure has dropped. My clothes feel loose and people have noticed my weight.

I’m not a doctor and I just want to mention what has helped me. Everyone is different, so it is better to consult a doctor for diseases such as diabetes

Thanks to Dorothy Zjawin

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