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Heard About Radiation Oncology?

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Radiation Oncology is a type of therapy for people with various medical ailments. The most common use of it is to isolate cancer cells so they don’t spread throughout the rest of the body. This is well known as chemotherapy. For those that want to have a sex change hormone therapy is often required to help them make a complete transformation. Many of these procedures directly involve sessions of radiation Oncology.

Many individuals end up severely ill from this type of radiation treatment. There is no pain at all involved in the actual procedure itself. Yet radiation is a type of poison and there is a large amount of it needed in order to offer effective measures of treatment. Many patients end up very ill after a treatment with feelings of nausea and severe vomiting. These side effects can last for several days. The loss of hair is also very common with ongoing chemotherapy for cancer patients. The use of radiation affects and alters the DNA in a person’s body.

Even though radiation Oncology is very helpful, patients must prepare themselves for it. This type of aggressive fighting does take a toll on the body. Eating right, exercising, getting enough rest, and having a positive attitude are all part of what will help a person get through it. They also need to have a very good support group with their family, friends, and medical staff.

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The use of radiation Oncology is still very controversial. Patients may choose to engage in it but they need to have all the facts about it first. For some people it allows them to be cancer free. Others find that they would rather let the cancer take over and enjoy the time they do have left. It is a very personal choice and one that should be respected.

There are some very common uses for radiation oncology though that we rely upon. For example it is involved in the process of x-ray. This means it is easy for doctors to find out if someone has a broken bone or not. This way they can offer effective treatment for them to be able to correct the injury. Pregnant women should not be exposed to radiation Oncology though as it can have an adverse affect on their fetus.

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