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How an Organic Food Store Can Improve Your Business

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Sometimes it’s the small changes in your business that can add up to the biggest results. While it may seem that the food you eat doesn’t directly affect employee performance, you might be surprised by what scientists have found. Simply by switching the food supply from traditional products and meat to organic food, the employees are not only happier with their work, but also more productive in everyday life. A health food store can transform your business, starting today.

Happier workers mean a happier future

The differences between organic and genetically modified foods are not always apparent on the surface. Instead, at the cellular level, the foods produce changes in those who eat them. Workers who eat more organic foods appear to have less depression than those who eat chemically grown fruits and vegetables.

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Why is that? Some researchers speculate that organic foods contain higher levels of lithium, a natural antidepressant. According to their findings, natural foods can even contain up to 188% more than conventional products. While the number isn’t that high, it suggests that natural foods can keep employees happy.

Increased productivity and efficiency

The chemicals used in traditional growing techniques negatively affect the body. Unlike “clean herbicide- and pesticide-free” foods bought at health food stores, these toxins can interfere with normal human brain function and potentially cause long-term damage in highly sensitive individuals. When the brain cannot function well, it can result in slower reaction and diffuse concentration in workers.

With the healthy options, employees can get clean and nutritious foods that help them get and stay energized. Toxins take a lot of energy to break down, but organic foods don’t make the body work harder than it needs to. This allows the worker to concentrate on his work for longer.

Changes can happen now

As you read about the value that organic grocery stores can bring to business, you may be wondering how quickly you can see the changes? While the results won’t be visible right away, they will show up within just a week or two. The more people start eating only natural foods, the more relaxed and effective they will be at their jobs just because of the foods they eat.

Organic food makes employees happier and more productive while management becomes more focused and proactive.

Thanks to Vladimir Grinberg

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