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How To Find A Good Nigerian Man

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TO FIND A GOOD NIGERIAN DO THE FOLLOWING and please don’t forget to come back here to give your testimonials for free. Free you get, please give freely

(1) take your time. Taking your time can sound like a lot, especially when age isn’t on your side, but truth be told, it will pay off. Someone once told me that it’s better not to marry than to fall into the wrong hands. Your husband will determine your destiny and your eternity, please be careful.

I have a friend who was throwing herself at all these online Nigerian men who she ended up regretting because after she got pregnant she later realized that this guy was lying to him and it made her situation worse. The problem I see when I meet Nigerian men online is that over 89% of them are liars who are righteous looking for women screwing up, please my sister, be very, very careful. You will not fall prey to those stupid Nigerian men who are looking all over the net for Nigerian women to destroy.

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(2) take good care of yourself. This is a touchy subject. Taking care of yourself means taking your health seriously, getting good rest, eating well, avoiding fatty foods and avoiding stress. Do you know how quickly people age when they are under a lot of stress?

(3) look away. That’s a typical sentence, if you’re not Nigerian you can’t understand it. It means dressing really well. You don’t have to look expensive, dress simple and cool, that’s all you need. I’ll talk more about that in my upcoming posts

Thanks to Victoria Adewoyin

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