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How to Lose Weight – Reduce Calorie Intake With This Special Tip

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The calories that come from sodas, fruit juices, and from the tea and coffee you have with milk and sugar are often not really taken into account. But they can add up quite a bit and that’s unnecessary calories you’re consuming.

Don’t drink calories!

Try switching to water and drinking tea or coffee without sugar and milk, it’s just a matter of getting used to it. In the beginning, you can substitute sweetener for sugar, but if you research the chemical sweeteners, you will find that they are potentially harmful to your health and better avoided. Plant-based sweeteners like stevia may be an exception, but it’s always better not to stimulate your sweet tooth.

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Try these low-calorie alternatives

As an alternative to sodas, diet sodas can be used, and fruit juices can be heavily diluted with water, reducing the calorie content. However, the best option is still to drink water as often as possible and use the above alternatives as a treat. Especially since water is needed to get the metabolic waste out of the body that is released when the fat cells are broken down during a diet.

The right mindset keeps you going

Aside from doing the right things during your diet, developing the right attitude is very important to getting through a diet. Perhaps this is the most important detail and the reason why so many of us struggle to lose weight and keep it down. When a few extra pounds have accumulated we often become increasingly dissatisfied with our appearance, but then we have our comfort food for the resulting frustration. Of course, the comfort only works for a few minutes and the frustration returns.

Break the vicious circle

We begin to see our body as an enemy that treats us badly, adding pounds and going off target more and more, and then our body craves more of that comfort food. To get out of this vicious cycle, you need to develop the right mindset, you need to think differently about yourself and your body.

Rather than seeing your body as your enemy that is the reason you must diet, it is more helpful to remember that your body is the only place you must live here on earth, and that it should therefore be very valuable to you. So treat your body appropriately, be more aware of its value and you will find it much easier to make healthy food choices.

Thanks to Claudia Ohst

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