How to Register as Allied Health Professional in Ghana

How to Register as Allied Health Professional in Ghana

As part of efforts to simplify transactions with allied health professionals and to provide improved service delivery, a self-service platform has been implemented by the Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC). With the self-service platform, eighty percent (80%) of all transactions with the AHPC shall done via the self-service platform.

Transactions Available on the Self Service Platform

Transactions and service to that would be undertaken on the self-service platform shall include:

  1. Update of personal, academic and professional information
  2. Application Registration, renewals and retention on the professionals register
  3. CPD Attendance and credit reporting
  4. Application for Internship
  5. Application for professional examinations

Why Do I Have To Use the Self Service Platform??

All allied health professionals must register an account on the self-service platform in order to undertake any transaction with the council using the self-service platform.

What do I need to have an account on the Self Service Platform?

To create an account on the self-service platform

  1. An active working email address
  2. Internet connection
  3. Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser

Website Address to Professional Self Service Platform

click here to register


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