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How to Tighten Lower Abs

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In order to get the perfect six pack, you also need to tone your lower abs. Once you start exercising to get a toned abs, you’re bound to find that the lower part of your abs are the hardest to flex and show. This is because our bodies are programmed to store more weight on our lower abdomen, and regular ab exercises tend to put more stress on the upper abs than the lower ones.

The best way to tone the lower part of your abs is to do a variety of exercises that involve elevating or tightening your legs. These exercises work your lower abs the most and provide the fastest results. An added benefit of doing ab exercises with your legs is that your legs are heavier than your torso, so your upper abs are also worked. Exercises like Captain’s Chair, Leg Lifts, Double Leg Lifts, Hanging Leg Raisers, Reverse Crunches, Alternating Leg Walks, Scissors are very efficient when you want to focus on your lower abs but also want to work on your upper abs. Exercises for the lower abdominal muscles are enough for the development of the entire abdominal muscles!

When you’re working out to tone your lower abs, it’s important that you do the exercises slowly and don’t use momentum to help you. The number of repetitions is not important; In fact, if you’re able to do reps until you get bored, that’s a sign you’re not doing them right. Concentrate on letting the abs do all the work!

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If you’ve been trying to get a six pack abs but have noticed your lower abdomen receding, don’t panic! You can tone your lower abs once you know how to work them! Get started today to get that attractive six pack abs you want to train efficiently!

Did you know that over 90% of men and women exercise and eat improperly? Don’t be a part of this statistic and learn how to do it from the start and save yourself a lot of time and effort!

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