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Is Red Clover a Good Gout Herbal Medicine?

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Red clover has been traditionally used as a gout herbal medicine for centuries due to its ability to remove toxins from the body. However, using red clover is not without its side effects. Scientists are now seeing that red clover thins the blood, so it should not be taken without the guidance of a doctor or other healthcare professional. If you are already taking anticoagulant drugs, red clover should not be used.

The properties of red clover that make it an effective herbal medicine for gout are isoflavones. Red clover contains 100 times more isoflavones than soy. This helps heal inflammatory conditions, including gout, but also arthritis and eczema.

As a herbal medicine, red clover is also known as:

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– Meadow clover

– cow clover

– Purple clover

– Trifolium pratense (Latin name)

– Shamrock

– Wild clover

Red Cover belongs to the pea family. It aids in the elimination of uric acid, which is important for treating gout as the symptoms are due to a buildup of uric acid causing crystals to form in the joints. Therefore, since red clover helps eliminate uric acid levels in the blood, the body is less likely to build up uric acid, thereby reducing the likelihood of a gout attack.

Be sure to check with your healthcare professional before taking red clover, as you should before taking any new herb or supplement. As a herbal medicine for gout, red clover is available in many different forms. These include:

– teas

– tinctures

– Capsules

– tablets

– Liquid extracts

– Isoflaven standardized extracts

– Topical ointments

If taking as a tea, simply use 1-2 teaspoons of dried red clover flowers in 1 cup (8 ounces) of hot water; two to three cups should be taken daily. Or red clover extract can be mixed into a regular cup of tea.

Red clover in capsule form is usually taken in doses of 50 mg to 150 mg daily. If the capsules are red clover isoflavone extracts, 28 mg to 85 mg is the normal daily dose. That means two to three capsules are likely to be needed. Speak to a doctor for individual dosing guidance.

For a direct topical treatment, red clover ointment or cream can be applied directly to the affected area. However, be careful not to apply to areas of broken skin.

Red clover tincture should contain thirty percent alcohol (1:5) and is taken in hot water as a tea three times a day, usually between sixty to one hundred drops (3 to 5 ml).

Red clover herbal products are available at many natural and herbal stores. It’s a fairly common item, so it should be available in a variety of forms at your local health store.

Be aware of the possible side effects of gout herbal medicine containing red clover. Common side effects can include nausea, headache, and skin rash. Infertility has also been observed in animals grazing on red clover patches. For more information, please consult a doctor.

Thanks to Lisa McDowell

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