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Let Talk About Amber Manicure Heater

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For a basic manicure you need some basic supplies like, an emery board or nail file, tweezers, an orange stick, nail polish remover, and last but not least the nail polish itself.

These all seem simple and basic enough, but if you are giving a spa manicure, the whole simplicity thing is out the window.

A spa manicure is not entirely different from a regular manicure in that you will still receive all of the basic cleaning, massaging, shaping and painting, but you will also receive a paraffin wax in addition to the basics. It’s awesome. A spa manicure really is the total luxury in pampering. Because of the wax, you will need a couple more products than are necessary to give a basic manicure. The products are a little pricier, but most clients will be willing to pay the difference in order to experience this extra pampering. If they are not willing to pay the difference every time they get a manicure, it’s guaranteed that this can be used as an enticing bonus for special occasions.

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The wax must be melted in order to apply to the client’s hands. The most commonly used heater is the Amber manicure heater. It comes with refill cups for ease of cleaning and additional cups may be purchased separately. There is no need to clean the sticky mess, simply throw the plastic cup away and wipe the surface clean. We all know what a mess wax can make when it dries and hardens.

Once the wax is heated and melted the clients hand is dipped into the wax and then it is spread evenly onto the entire hand. Then a plastic cover is inserted over the hand. This protects the terry cloth mitts that are then put on top of the plastic cover. The next step for you and the client is to wait. Sometimes this quiet relaxation and waiting is the best part of the spa manicure. Once the wax has hardened, it is time to continue with the manicure.

At this point continue with the manicure as you ordinarily would. You can skip the first step of soaking the hands since the wax will have already softened the cuticles. The nails may also be a little softer due to the intense moisture that the wax provides. They should strengthen once they are polished. The wax will leave the hands feeling soft and smooth for days.

Incidentally, you can you the Amber manicure heater to heat wax for a spa pedicure as well. Amber also makes special booties that go on top of the client’s feet during the spa pedicure. They have thought of everything. These little extras like the booties and the disposable wax cups really help to make clean up a lot easier.

Sometimes our feet get so rough and dry that the wax is really the best way to make them smooth again, so a spa pedicure can be just the medicine. I think that you will be pleased with the results.

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