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Manicure Tables: Where To Find Them

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When visiting a nail salon, you’ve probably noticed the workstations surrounding the nail technicians. Or perhaps you are about to open a salon or spa of your own and you need to know where to find the best deals on the equipment needed to get things started. Whether you’re looking for manicure tables for your home or to place in your new business, there are places to find them at really amazing deals.

One of the most popular places to find great deals on almost anything is eBay – this includes everything you need to set up shop in the manicure business! A simple search of “manicure tables” on eBay produces a long list of several new and used manicure tables. You can find several new ones for less than $100 plus shipping and handling. There are pictures of the manicure tables for you to look at, and you will see that most of them look exactly like what you’re probably used to seeing when you visit your favorite nail salon or spa. At eBay, you have the option of placing a bid for the table or you can choose to buy it directly by clicking the “Buy it Now” icon located next to the picture. While you’re there, check out all of the other deals on great professional manicure products, such as drying lights, fans, and acrylic containers.

Another excellent place to look for manicure tables is salons going out of business. Most spas or salons going out of business will be glad to sell you their equipment at a reasonable price, and may even be willing to throw in a few extras for free. You’ll be able to purchase all matching equipment that your customers will never suspect came from a closed-down salon.

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However, sometimes you may need to purchase your manicure tables brand new from a retailer. It can be confusing deciding on which one to go with, but always look at prices and don’t be afraid to compare them. Retailers like Minerva and PediSpa sell new manicure and pedicure equipment and tools at wholesale prices. Sometimes they have monthly online specials, so be sure to check out the internet to take advantage of these deals. A popular manicure table available through these retailers is the 7701a manicure station. This table has a modern appeal and is available in three different colors. You’ll love the look as well as the power supply this table provides. With three different outlets, you’ll be able to hook up all of your tools effortlessly. This table is available for around $179, but you’ll also find others that more or less expensive to suit your needs and budget.

Purchasing a good manicure table should not be a rush decision. Take your time and explore all of your options, including new and used tables. You definitely want to make sure that your table is in good condition before you pay any amount. If you shop wisely, you are sure to grab some great deals on good manicure tables!

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