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Mental Health Awareness Day

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On October 10th of every year the World Mental Health Awareness Day is celebrated. The overarching goal is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize mental health efforts.

The day provides an opportunity for all mental health professionals to talk about their work and what else needs to be done to make psychosocial care a reality for everyone in the world.

Its goal is to educate and inform the public about: mental illnesses such as 18.1% of Americans with depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; the realities of life with these conditions; and strategies for achieving mental health and well-being. It should also be made aware of suicide, which can be caused by certain mental illnesses. In addition, the Mental Health Awareness Month endeavors to reduce the stigma (negative attitudes and misunderstandings) in mental illness. The month came by the proclamation of the president.

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Mental Health America is not the only organization that conducts campaigns in May. Many other similar organizations organize awareness events that coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month. One of these campaigns is the National Day of Child Sensitivity. This event is supported by the Mental Health and Addiction Services Administration in collaboration with other non-profit organizations.

Other months and weeks of the year are designed to raise awareness of different mental or psychological issues in different demographic groups (Minority Mental Health Month, Week of Mental Illness, National Day of Mental Illness, Depression Assessment, etc.).

Some recent themes:

2018 Fitness #4Mind4Body The 2018 theme was Fitness #4Mind4Body. It tracks closely with the Fit for the Future theme of the June 2018 conference. During the month of May, it focused on what individuals can do to be fit for their own futures – no matter where they happen to be on personal journeys to health and wellness.
2017 Risky Business The 2017 theme for Mental Health Month was Risky Business. It focused on the importance to educate people about habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing or exacerbating mental illnesses, or could be signs of mental health problems themselves. These include risk factors such as risky sex, prescription drug misuse, internet addiction, excessive spending, marijuana use, and troublesome exercise patterns.
2016 Mental Illness Feels Like The 2016 theme for Mental Health Month was – Life with a Mental Illness – and called on individuals to share what life with a mental illness feels like for them in words, pictures and video by tagging their social media posts with #mentalillnessfeelslike (or submitting to MHA anonymously).The campaign intends to encourage people to speak up about their own experiences, to share their point of view with individuals who may be struggling to explain what they are going through—and help others figure out if they too are showing signs of a mental illness.[2]
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