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Moving In And Out with Finesse – Golden Rules of Boxing Footwork

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Known as the gentleman game, there is nothing gentle about boxing. It is a common misconception that boxing is linked with the upper body especially, throwing powerful punches and generating a lot of energy from the core. However, boxing involves a full body. This means that your footwork needs more finesse, you need more balance and you need to know how you will be using your footsteps for your benefit.

In some cases, you do not even have to use your punch, just your swift movement to the side to avoid the punch of your opponent is enough. We have seen that fighters use their body balance for their benefit and they defend themselves by simply moving up, down, or on the side and then making a comeback by some fierce punches.

From balancing the body while countering an attack to avoiding the punching and offering better defense, good footwork will work as the foundation of your overall boxing fight. In most cases, when the opponent attacks the fighter, it all comes down to the balance otherwise you will get knocked out right away.

Good footwork is not just linked to self-defense, it also offers stability and balance that can help you stay on your foot for longer. This is the main reason beginners find it hard to handle a fierce punch. On the contrary, they give up easily and this affects their standing in the ring. From your posture to the way you attack, everything can be handled if you focus on the footwork.

With the help of this article, we will mainly focus on the importance of footwork. We will also talk about some simple exercises that will help in improving the footwork. For a beginner who is not aware of the moving in and out rule, we have listed some common mistakes that you can avoid as well.

How to Move In And Out?

While moving in the ring, maintain a good enough speed. Too much speed, running from side to side means you will get exhausted easily, and rather than exerting your energy on your opponent, you will be spending energy on your movement. This is the reason you need to keep in mind what will help you increase the speed of movement when you are close to your opponent. Anything that hinders your movement or slows you down will eventually impact your fight and make you vulnerable.

The rule of moving in is that you need to maintain your stance and when you are moving, let your front foot take the lead. As you lift the front foot, let the rear foot follow the lead. Most people drag it which only reduces the speed. The movement within one go can only be for a few centimeters. Anything more than a few centimeters will make you vulnerable and you will see the impact later as well. Overall, you need to stay on your toes so you can move in and out fast rather than focusing on details of movement.

Just like moving, moving out is also very important. You will need a few exercises so that you can easily adjust according to the time and your overall frame.

Maintaining your stance needs to be your number one priority, everything else can wait because your stance will help you defend yourself when you are on the move. While moving out, your focus should be on moving your front foot before the back foot. It is a common mistake that people use their rear foot to move back but your front foot will help you retain your position.

Keep in mind that your movement needs to be just a few centimeters otherwise, barely noticeable. With a sudden movement that is more than a few centimeters, you might end up enticing your opponent.

Mistakes to Avoid in boxing

  • Dragging the rear foot is one of the most basic mistakes. This hinders the movement, increases friction, and reduces speed, eventually impacting the way you handle yourself.
  • Keeping distance between both feet is very important and it should stay even throughout the movement.
  • Staying on the toe is important, most people end up flattening their foot which reduces the speed of movement.
  • The posture needs to have an angle of 45 with the front foot pointed towards the opponent.
  • Keep the knee bent and body at ease so you do not feel tense when you move.


Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to better defense, fierce attack, and polished movement. Getting too close or staying too far will only weaken your defense and put you on spot. Aggressive fighters usually use a jab that brings them very close to the opponent, only making them vulnerable. On the contrary, getting too far makes your defense very weak. Overall, your feet balance that helps you stay in the ring, take you to lose to your opponent, and let you get out on time before your opponent hits back is very important. Good footwork will keep you safe yet offer you a good enough opportunity that you will be able to take full advantage of your position.

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