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Natural Hemorrhoids Cure – How a Piano Player Suffered in Silence

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One of my passions is playing the piano, and I play semi-professionally (which means I get paid). However, there’s nothing worse than sitting on a hard, wooden piano bench for a few hours when you’re suffering from hemorrhoids (aka hemorrhoids, hems, hemorrhoids). I silently suffered from this infliction because I was just too embarrassed to go to a doctor for a rectal exam. It’s not one of those things I wanted to rush off work to try.

I first did what probably everyone does in this situation: I went to my pharmacy and asked what over-the-counter products they had. I was taken to the hemorrhoid products aisle and took one of the more popular products – a cream. While I did feel some symptom relief from the cream, it really did nothing to reduce or eliminate my hemorrhoids.

Back at the pharmacy I asked for something “stronger” and was directed to a suppository product. Of course, if you’re in that much pain or suffering from itching and burning, you’re going to try just about anything at this point. So I did – I bought the suppository and tried it.

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Again, I had slight relief from the burning and itching symptoms, but my hemorrhoids just didn’t go away.

After several days of suffering, I finally broke down and went to my doctor. He said I had a “thrombosed” hemorrhoid and he said if it didn’t go away on its own I would need surgery to permanently remove it.

I just couldn’t believe that such a common ailment could only be solved by going under the surgeon’s knife. So I started my due diligence and researched this painful issue.

After many hours of searching and comparing and yes, reading some boring medical journals, I learned how to get rid of hemorrhoids using a 100% natural method. Of course, with my back against the wall, I thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain from being able to live pain-free and hemorrhoid-free.

I purchased this product with some hesitation because, just like over the counter products, there were claims of natural healing and durability. To my amazement, I not only got pain and itching relief, but also a reduction in swelling, even with my thrombosed hemorrhoid.

My treatment began with an evaluation of my diet and I also discovered that I was somewhat dehydrated, which came as a bit of a shock as I drank quite a bit of mineral water. Next, I followed the treatment plan as outlined and incorporated some of the plan’s suggestions.

Within the first 3 days my hemorrhoids were almost gone and after following the methods outlined in the plan they were completely gone in another 2 days. For me, the methods were easy to follow, the adjustments I made were very easy to change from my previous behaviors, and it was completely natural. This was a great relief to me as not only did I avoid surgery but I also learned some important things about improving my overall health.

I quickly learned that the only way to cure hemorrhoids was to go straight to the source, which in this case was to eliminate the causes of the hemorrhoids. I’ve learned so much about the causes of hemorrhoids including diet, hydration, exercise, and other causes. I am now itch and pain free and have resumed my passion at the piano bench with no problems. Also, after several months, I had no recurrence of hemorrhoid symptoms. For me, this method was far and better than I expected, and I was absolutely blown away to be symptom free from surgery to remove a thrombosed hemorrhoid in less than a week.

Thanks to Sydney A Hoover

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