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Natural Remedies for Shingles Relief And Treatment

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Shingles is a common condition that occurs in a wide cross-section of the population. Anyone who has ever had chickenpox can also have shingles, so almost everyone in temperate climates has been exposed to the virus (varicella zoster). In most cases, it does not cause any symptoms, but lies dormant in the body. The older a person gets, the greater the likelihood of a shingles outbreak.

The first symptoms of shingles are usually a rash, itching, and/or tingling. This is because the virus resides in the nerves that serve the skin. Typically, skin lesions resolve within 7-10 days, although complications can result in months of pain. Because it is caused by a virus, the infection travels through the body via the blood and that is why some natural remedies that were traditionally used as blood purifiers are used to treat shingles naturally.

Burdock root is an herbal remedy used worldwide to treat shingles and other viral infections. It has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, as well as in traditional Western treatments, for a variety of ailments. Although it doesn’t completely cure it, many who use it report relief. Used according to directions, something as simple as burdock root tea can be used to treat the pain and itchiness of shingles.

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There are prescription medications that are sometimes prescribed for shingles outbreaks. Unfortunately, the stronger the drug, the greater the side effects and risk. Although foscarnet stops all known strains of the herpes virus from replicating (when tested in a lab), it can also cause kidney failure, damage to the heart muscles, and seizures.

One of the great dangers of shingles is that it can actually affect the eyes and even cause blindness. Of course, if you have a shingles outbreak, you should see a doctor. However, depending on the severity of the outbreak and your personal tastes, you may want to include herbal tea made from burdock root along with ointments and tinctures that contain all natural ingredients to relieve your symptoms.

Treating shingles with natural ingredients, herbs, and ointments is one way to find relief without exposing your body to synthetic chemicals and drugs, but you should realize that it also means taking responsibility for your own health and safety take over. If you have any doubts, you should always consult a doctor.

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