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Natural Treatment For Fibroids – Shrink Fibroids Without Drug Treatment

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Do you have fibroids and feel like you have very few options?

So do many women, especially when they learn that conventional medicine has very little to offer. Surgery is always a temporary measure because if the causes of the fibroids are not treated, they will grow back, and this often starts within a few months. Hormonal treatment is sometimes used to shrink fibroids before surgery, but again, once treatment is stopped, the fibroids will return. Unfortunately, this type of medication can only ever be used temporarily due to unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects.

However, alternatives exist, and many women have found that treating fibroids naturally has worked well for them. There’s no doubt that it can work effectively, but it’s not for those of us looking for an overnight fix. Of course, shrinking fibroids takes time and undoubtedly effort. I firmly believe that it all comes down to how badly you want relief, which I think is related to how badly your symptoms are affecting you.

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Fibroids are not caused by a disease but by a complicated combination of lifestyle, diet, environmental and genetic factors. Even if this is known, doctors cannot determine this exactly what caused fibroids in the individual case. However, it is known that fibroids can be successfully treated with a multi-pronged approach that includes all possible causes. Conventional physicians do not practice this approach as it is time-consuming and relies heavily on self-motivation.

I often compare the situation to a diet. We all know that exercise and eating less will help us lose weight. But do we? I don’t always think so!

Treating fibroids naturally requires a change in diet — for example, you must consider eating organic foods free of pesticides and reducing your intake of processed foods and meats. You also need to pay attention to the amount of exercise you’re doing and increase it if necessary. Detoxification is another strategy that can work well to shrink fibroids as it is a well known fact that estrogen mimicking substances are stored in the liver and the only surefire way to remove them is to detox. In addition, sometimes herbal remedies are appropriate to provide quick relief from symptoms.

Thanks to Bernadette Hopkins

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